Giant Man-Eating Squid Hunting CA Scuba Divers

It’s an immutable truth of the universe that people are fascinated by man-eating animals. Stephen Colbert has an ongoing feud with bears. The DISCOVERY CHANNEL’s ‘Shark Week’ is one of their highest-rated blocks of programming every year. A tiger features prominently in one of the year’s hottest movies, “The Hangover”. Man-eating animals are interesting; they […]


Ice-Wielding Pro Surfer Allegedly KOs 3 Women

I thought surfers were supposed to be mellow and laid-back almost to the point of unconsciousness - like Matthew McConaughey, but more stoned. Well, pro surfer Chris Ward seems to break the mold; he’s allegedly more like the pro surfing version of Pacman Jones. Actually, scratch that: even Jones hasn’t been accused of what the […]


Shark Attack Survivor Surfer ‘Sprouts’ Into Hottie

Bethany Hamilton, the young surfer girl that lost her left arm to a shark attack in 2003 and won the heart of a nation with her survival and bravery in the face of loss, has turned out quite well, thank you very much. Just ask the HONOLULU ADVERTISER: “Today, Bethany has lost her braces, […]


Brazilian Maya Gabeira: Surfing’s New Size Queen

Pete Thomas of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has the enviable task of writing a piece on Brazilian surfing beauty Maya Gabeira.

Gabeira, who turned just 21 yesterday, is among the hottest female surfers on the planet - in more ways than one.


80 Foot Wave Crushes Laird Hamilton Who Then Saves Partners Life

HAMILTON CRUSHED BY 80-FOOT WAVE, BARELY SURVIVES: The HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN reports that some of the largest waves ever seen in Maui surfaced Monday, and famed surfer Laird Hamilton and his surf partner, Brett Lickle, were nearly killed trying to ride them.

Lickle towed Hamilton on a jet ski to one of the waves, which eventually wiped […]