Notre Dame Fans Bash Charlie Weis Via Billboard

As much as the media likes to wring its hands about vicious anonymous Internet sports fans contributing to the downfall of Western civilization with their uncouth attacks on the media, rivals, coaches, athletic directors, and the NCAA, the truth is that fans have long found ways to give voice to their concerns/taunts that have nothing […]


Tennis Star Rolls With Raucous Gang of ‘Samurai’

Men’s tennis has enjoyed a miniature Renaissance on the back of the Federer-Nadal rivalry, but by and large, it’s still a flawed, semi-popular sport. Ever since the days of, say, Mark Philippoussis firing uncontested 140-mph serves by his opponent, men’s tennis has been largely devoid of the long, exciting volleys and rallies that still occur […]


Arena Gives Out Golden Tix To See Every Game

For as long as we can remember, Boston sports fans have had something of a reputation as being somewhat, well, annoying. Between the annoying Bahhston accent, the drunken loudmouthery, and the devotion bordering on obsession, the stereotypical Boston fan can be too much for normal people to take. It wasn’t so bad when their teams […]


Kobe Bryant To Be At The Jacko Memorial (Woo!)

Kobe Bryant is bad, he’s bad, you know it (come on). So Bryant is going to be one of the big celebrities at the Michael Jackson Memorial on Tuesday; of course he is. But what I’m unclear on is what his function will be at the big party - will he favor us with a […]


Sox, Cubs Fans Perhaps Not So Different After All

Anyone whose favorite teams are part of a storied rivalry knows that half the fun of being a sports fan is in demonizing opposing fans (sorry, fans of expansion teams, if you have no idea what we’re talking about here). You know what I mean - Patriots fans are all ‘Tommy from Quinzee,’ Dodgers fans […]


Capitals “Delicately Tap Into Their Feminine Fans”

The Washington Capitals are 35 years old. Don’t you think it’s about time they get interested in women? Fortunately for all you D.C.-area hockey-lovin’ ladies, they finally are.

The Caps have established Club Scarlet, a fan club focusing primarily on the female supporters of their NHL franchise. Claiming a membership of over 2,000 fans, the club […]


Tiger Woods’ Backwash Can Be Yours For $25K

This weekend is a pretty big one for golf fans across the world. It will mark the first time since June of last year at the U.S. Open that the great Tiger Woods will grace a PGA Tour event with his presence. All of a sudden, golf matters again.

Of course, as a real golf fan […]


Speed Read: Introducing The, Uh, “Shaqawockeez”

The 58th All-Star game is in the books, and the West absolutely destroyed the East, 146-117. At one point, it was 20-8 in favor of the East All-Stars before Kobe Bryant led the West on a 19-0 run, and the Westies never looked back. It’s hard to imagine what was the better Shaquille O’Neal highlight: […]


In Pittsburgh, It’s The Steelers Before Schooling

Hey Pittsburgh! All I’ve heard the past two weeks is how you’re supposedly the best football franchise ever. This would be your sixth Lombardi Trophy, more than any other team. So how about you act like you’ve been here before?

Instead of taking this Super Bowl in stride, Steel Town is acting like this is […]


Indian Cricketer To Be Hailed As A God - Literally

OK, what’s weirder: That SbB is running a cricket story? Or that we’ve actually run a story on this specific cricketer before?

You might remember Mahendra Singh Dhoni from that time he hired a bunch of female commandos to protect him from overzealous female admirers. I thought that was the pinnacle of popularity, but I neglected […]