UA Compliance Director: $6,057,349 Behind Saban

On March 28 the University of Alabama posted a job opportunity on the NCAA job search database.

The want ad was for “Compliance Coordinator or Director of Compliance.”
The University of Alabama Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is soliciting applications for a Compliance Coordinator or Director of Compliance position.
As a member of a staff of seven full-time compliance […]


Libya’s Gadhafi a Breeze After Sly Croom Regime

Thanks to a report today from Stephanie Gosk of NBC Nightly News, we know millions of Libyans continue to stage a rebellion against the country’s tyrannical leader, Moammar Gadhafi.

(Libyan Revolution Inspired By Allah, Johnie Cooks)
And one Mississippi State fan.


Video: Algerian Soccer Team Assaulted, Bloodied

If you needed a reminder for whatever reason, here it is: soccer fans make football fans look like Barney the Dinosaur’s cheerful 5-year-old sycophants. It is true always, and it is holy-smoking-hell true in Egypt today as Algeria and Egypt prepare for a pivotal World Cup qualifier - if the teams even survive until Sunday […]


Middle-Schooler Suspended Over Bengals Haircut

Remember yesterday when we talked about helmet redesigns and all that? The general consensus of the writers of the original article was that the Bengals were the best at using the entire helmet as a canvas rather than just thinking of it as left-half/right-half. A work of art, it is.

(Hmm. Interesting decision.)
Young Dustin Reader certainly […]


Pitchman Wants ‘Jeter Wall’ For His Own Mansion

You might recall the story about Tiger Woods‘ garish new digs earlier this week, or this summer’s pictures of Derek Jeter’s 31,000 sq. ft. supermansion going up. Hey, if you’re worth nine digits, you live like it, pal. To nobody’s surprise, both those men are going to have extra security around their homes to keep […]


The Sad Tale Of ‘White Owl’ Marches On And On

One of the great things about college is that there’s - depending on the size of the student population - anywhere from dozens to hundreds of girls on campus at any time who are completely open to anything. It’s college, hooray, experimenting is fun, whooo. It’s where Girls Gone Wild makes its money, and that’s […]


“Today Show” To Feature 3-Year-Old ESPN Real

If you hadn’t been paying attention to blogs back in 2006 and found out that there was an “ESPN Real” that was three years old, you’d probably think something like “well of course I haven’t heard of that before, a sports reality channel would suck pretty badly” or “how come Real Madrid gets their own […]


KC Fans Get Petitiony In Protest Of Larry Johnson

Our boy Larry Johnson is back in the news, because when you start calling people “fags” left and right in the middle of the worst season by a starting running back in NFL history, well, you get to be in the news.

(Nice fashion sense. Just sayin’. Pause.)
Even as LJ slogs his way through the season […]


In The MWC, We Really Feel The National Anthem

Hey man. You cool? You look cool, man. Don’t be narc-ing on me or nothin’, all right? Let’s all just be cool. You got any of the good stuff on you? Aw man, you’re sober? Here? Now? Too bad, man, you’re totally missing out.

(Lady Liberty’s reaching me! This is the most intense anthem EVER!)
Don’t look […]


$2 Million For This 10,000+ Signed S.I. Collection

That there? It’s not that impressive-looking on its own; it’s just a somewhat large bookcase with quite a few magazines. They just happen to be multiple copies of every single SPORTS ILLUSTRATED… and over 94% of them are signed. Signed by the people on the cover, we mean, not just by Scott Smith, the guy […]