Be A Jobless Hero at the Unemployment Olympics

What is the average New Yorker to do if they find themselves as one of the many Americans who have lost their job as part of the current economic downturn? You can only sleep in with the covers pulled over your head until noon or 1 p.m. at the latest, and there are only so […]


Wrestling In Seattle: Sport Or Legitimate Theater?

For years, pro wrestlers - the Speedo-wearing ones, not the singlets - have had to battle the perception of whether their antics are real or fake. The truth lies somewhere in between since the matches are predetermined, but it’s pretty hard to fake being body slammed through a table. Still, there’s a group of wrestlers […]


Nude, Cold Hikers Overrun Hamlet In Swiss Alps

Apparently there is such a thing as “nude hiking enthusiasts” - personally, I can’t imagine anything more uncomfortable, unappetizing and wrong, and I’m just talking about hiking with my clothes on. I don’t want to know where you might get poison ivy or ticks if you go hiking nude, and I certainly don’t want to […]


Spain’s New Animal Baiting Fad: Horse Wrestling

Spaniards seem to have some sort of death wish involving large animals. We know about them and bulls, whether running wild in the streets or in a stadium. Now UNCOACHED has found another Spanish tradition that involves torturing dangerous animals and (we assume) the potential for grave injury.

It’s called the Rapa das Bestas, and it […]


Sprint Football: Small Players Live Out Big Dreams

Love college football but not all the fat dudes? Ever dream of playing on the offensive line even though you’re the size of a jockey? Well, you’re in luck, because it turns out there’s a league just for you. And it’s sweeping…uh, at least six schools so far.  Say hello to football’s little friend.

Sprint football […]


In Space Football, No One Can Hear You Scream

Though it may seem buried by an avalanche of pwned videos, naked ladies and racial epithets, the Internet can still surprise and amaze.
Presenting Exhibit A. It’s called SPACE SPORTILIZATION, and it’s as mind-blowing as its name implies. And yes, this is going to be explained by four-time NFL Pro Bowler and Washington Post contributor Ken […]


Ireland Nabs Rock-Paper-Scissors Gold In Beijing

Somewhere just outside the Olympic Village at a makeshift club, the venerable Dan Steinberg of the BEIJING SPORTS SMOG went where no “mainstream” reporter dared to go — the 2008 Rock, Paper, Scissors World Championship.  It was here where 4 countries (USA, Canada, Ireland, and for some reason, Guam) battled in out in this game […]


Ask A Sports Blog: Tips On Winning Food Contest

It’s time again for ASK A SPORTS BLOG, where high profile athletes and sports celebrities turn the table and ask their most pressing questions to a rising young Internet sports website. (With complete anonymity, of course.)

Dear Sports Blog,
I’m an athlete in a sporting league, with the difference being instead of running and trying […]


Brog: Jenner Adores SPORTSbyBROOKS Girl Cora

Had several people today email me links to photos of SbB Girl Cora Skinner and Brody Jenner on the beach in Hawaii. I haven’t been following Cora’s career that closely the past couple years, but apparently she’s been an item for some time with gentleman Jenner - and his rather regrettable ink job:

Cora has done […]