Georgia Tech Honors Air Force Players After Game

Georgia Tech football coach Paul Johnson started something on Monday at the Independence Bowl in Shreveport that I hope becomes the next great college football tradition.

(At the aptly named Independence Bowl last night)
After Air Force defeated the Yellowjackets 14-7, Johnson, the former head coach of Navy, asked his players to honor their opponents […]


Pitino Rico Preparing To Face DominiCal Republic?

In a selfless gesture of goodwill to the lovely people of Puerto Rico, Rick Pitino has agreed to coach the country’s national basketball team for three months beginning in April.

(Now duty-free!?)
As Jeff Goodman of recently noted, the move is in no way designed as a way for Pitino to horn in on the […]


Wikileaks: Ricardo Mayorga Rape Trial Was Fixed

For the first time since he was knocked out in the 12th round by Shane Mosley in 2008, boxer Ricardo Mayorga will step back into the ring Friday. In a card set by Don King, Mayorga will take on Michael Walker at American Airlines Arena in Miami.

At this point in his career the 37-year-old Mayorga, […]


Could Just 1 Person Be Responsible For BCS? Yes

Question: Why does the BCS exist and who runs it?

(They BCS is not a “they” or an “it”; It’s a “him”)
Answer: For the benefit of one person and his small constituency.One person is pulling the strings, along with a collection of mostly unwitting accomplices.To find that person, we have to identify who we indisputably know […]


LPGA Member Vote Likely To Admit Transgenders

Randall Mell of the Golf Channel reports that in “direct response” to a month-old federal lawsuit filed by 57-year-old Lana Lawless, who was born a man, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is likely to “allow” for the removal of its requirement that players be “female at birth.”

(Transgender Lana Lawless: “born a female” LPGA law […]


Deion Disputes Wilbon Claim Of Shanahan Racism

After his decision to bench Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman on Oct. 31 against the Detroit Lions, Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan gave his reasoning for making the move with these postgame comments:

“I felt with the time, with no timeouts, Rex gave us the best chance to win in that scenario. Everything is sped […]


Audio: Los Angeles Mayor Cheering For SF Giants

While he was out campaigning for California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and Senatorial candidate Barbara Boxer in Los Angeles on Monday, second term L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa somehow thought it a good idea to encourage locals to support the San Francisco Giants in the World Series against the Texas Rangers.

(Mayor rooting for Giants also noted […]


UFCer: “Not that it has anything to do with race”

Adam Hill of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL this week reports on why a promising UFC fighter may soon turn down a life-changing title fight.

(Jones is one of UFC’s hottest prospects)
Hill reports that Jon Jones is on the “short list” of UFCers who may get a light heavyweight title shot against the winner of a […]


Dooley: Cliche Movie Nazis, Vols Somehow Alike

When he isn’t thinking of ways to be fired as quickly as possible, Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley is regaling the press with - what else? - light and lively Nazi war stories.

(Movie Nazis Yes, Real Nazis No.)
At a press conference today, Dooley compared the conduct of his Tennessee players in a 41-10 loss […]


NFL Return To LA Hinges On 2022 World Cup Bid

Three months ago I strongly suggested that soccer could play a major role in whether the NFL returns to Los Angeles some time this decade. In the past week, there’s been new developments that only serve to confirm that notion.

(Anschutz, Leiweke (above) and Wasserman: Pitching own LA stadium deal)
Until today, the United States had […]