So Kevin Smith Wants To Make A Hockey Movie

Kevin Smith, of “Clerks” and “Jersey Girl” fame, is a huge New Jersey Devils fan. That’s not news if you’re a hockey fan, which applies to… 0.0002% of our readership (Sorry, guys! Both of you!).

(C’mon, everyone wears scarves.)
To that end, as PUCK DADDY reports, Smith is considering making a hockey movie, one that Puck Daddy […]


Ex-MLBers To Play Drug Dealers In Upcoming Film

Imagine you’re a small-time actor who wants to make a mob movie. You’ve written a script, you’ve borrowed a camera, you’ve got moxie out the wazoo. All you need now is money and actors, and you’re well on your way to an Academy Award. Where to go from there?

(Crappy pitcher, crappy musician, soon-to-be crappy movie […]


Vegas Showman, ‘Bull Durham’ Actor Dead At 52

Anyone who’s been to Las Vegas over the past 10-15 years surely has heard the name Danny Gans, if for no reason other than that his face was on ads plastered all over the Strip. Sadly, the impressionist and singer who thrilled audiences at the Mirage and Wynn Las Vegas over the past 10+ years […]


Kobe Almost Spiked Lee Doc Over Creative Control

Filmmaker Spike Lee (”Malcom X”, “Do The Right Thing”, those old Nike commercials as Mars Blackmon saying “It’s gotta be the shoes!”) recently got back behind the camera to do a little day-in-the-life documentary about Kobe Bryant.

The documentary, entitled “Kobe: Doin’ Work”, is set to premiere May 16 on ESPN. However, the film was almost […]


Movie Review: “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29″ Scores

Legendary Michigan State football coach Duffy Daugherty was once quoted as saying, “A tie is like kissing your sister.” If Duffy was talking about the 1968 Harvard-Yale game, then your sister just might be Marisa Miller or Bar Refaeli.

OK, maybe that’s a bit overboard, but the ‘68 clash between the Crimson & the Bulldogs was […]


ESPN Now Producing Movies For The Big Screen

As we all know, the “E” in ESPN stands for “Entertainment,” and the formation of ESPN Films last year was meant to take the network from TV sets to the big-screen. Unlike ESPN Original Productions, which focused on biopics like “3″ and “Junction Boys” and the TV series “Playmakers,” ESPN Films was specifically created to […]


SbB Caption Contest: Sandler & Allen Get Clipped

Hey readers! Time for another star-studded SbB Clever Caption Contest!
Today we catch sight of Adam Sandler & Marcus Allen sitting courtside at last night’s Clippers game at Staples Center, where … wait a sec. A Clippers game? Couldn’t they have at least waited ’til tomorrow to see Kobe & the Lakers take on Shaq & […]


Cops Catch Movie Steroid Dealer Selling The Juice

There’s something to be said for authenticity in film.  If you need a lost soul with quite a few wires haphazardly resoldered in his brain to play a pro wrestler, you hire Mickey Rourke.  And if you need a steroid dealer to sell to your wrestler in the movie, you hire a steroid dealer for […]


Australian Agent Loves The Child Pornography

In the movie “Jerry Maguire”, Tom Cruise plays a sports agent named, oddly enough, Jerry Maguire. He gets fired from the big agency he works for and starts his own company in which his only client is an Arizona Cardinals receiver named Rod Tidwell. Jerry then spends the entire movie killing himself to do everything […]


Ravens Lineman Sells Screenplay To Movie Studio

When thinking about pro athletes pursuing a second career in the arts (rapping), one can’t help (rapping) but notice (rapping) that there’s (rapping) a certain familiar element (rapping) to it all (please make them stop rapping). So it’s pleasant to see the Ravens’ stalwart on the defensive line, Trevor Pryce, taking the game to a […]