Speed Read: An Evening Of Florida Pillow-Fighting

Normally, you don’t see a broadcast booth spend a plurality of a football game raving about the “time of possession” statistic. Then again, normally, you don’t see a team win said battle by a full 30 minutes of game time, which is precisely what Miami did to Indianapolis last night. And then again, you don’t […]


Secretariat Lookalikes Line Up For Stardom, Hay

Forget that Michael Jackson movie; what I want to know is who is going to play Secretariat in the upcoming Walt Disney film on the horse’s life. They need five lookalikes to play the title role, and they have four; with the fifth lucky leading man to be chosen from a group of unknowns at […]


Soon All Of Our Movies Will Feature Gina Carano

We ruminated yesterday on Rampage Jackson forsaking his scheduled UFC bout with Rashad Evans to run off and star in a movie adaptation of “The A-Team.” Now another MMA star is heading to big screen, only this time the project is a bit more prestigious (sorry, Mr. T).

Gina Carano, loser of the recent  “Carano vs. […]


At Lebowski Fest 2009, That’s Just How They Roll

Maude Lebowski: “What do you do for recreation?”
The Dude: “Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.”
It’s a weird slice of irony that out of all the Coen brothers’ whimsical, idiosyncratic offerings, “The Big Lebowski” should be the one that’s garnered the biggest cult following. There was no doubt of that on […]


Ronaldo Wants To Be The Johnny Depp Of Iran

Unless I’m mistaken, Iran isn’t exactly known for its thriving movie industry — they frown on all moving pictures, even the cell phone camera kind. But Ronaldo is ready to change all of that — the Brazilian soccer star has signed to appear in an Iranian movie, of which he is one of the main […]


That “Moneyball” Movie Is Back On, Apparently

If you’re anything like us, you were probably devastated to learn that the Moneyball movie had lost its funding at the last second, mainly because the idea of Brad Pitt as a general manager who uses Bloomin’ Onions to seduce waitresses is spectacularly hilarious. Luckily, we have good news.

(A little yonic, don’t you think? No? […]


Moneyball Movie Had A Sex Scene… With A Lady

Movie fans were no doubt grief-stricken at the news over the weekend that Sony Pictures axed Money Pit Moneyball, the Billy Beane biopic that, for some reason, was to star Brad Pitt. Maybe it was because they figured there’s no way a movie about sports stats would draw people to the theaters. Maybe it was […]


Land Of The Lost Teeth: Laimbeer Was A Sleestak

There are times you come across a story that should be completely shocking, but for some reason isn’t. Even though I had never heard this piece of news before, I didn’t bat an eye when I found out that Bill Laimbeer played a Sleestak on the original Land of the Lost. Of course he did.

Not […]


Yao Stars With Supermodel in New Animated Film

Yao Ming’s got time on his hands. Lots of time, as it were, and not just because his hands are the size of Colorado. He’s using the offseason to recover from a broken foot, one that effectively ended Houston’s shot in the playoffs against the Lakers.

(”Wait a second, this is a sound booth! This […]


Brewers Promotion Provides Makeout Opportunity

The Milwaukee Brewers are unveiling a great new promotion on Friday — drive-in movies in their parking lot. Hmm, looks like I have a choice to make. Do I head over to Miller Park for a double feature, or stay at home and hit myself repeatedly over the head with a wooden mallet? It’s a […]