Kareem: Statue Steam or Netflix Stream Scheme?

On Monday night, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Twitter account sent out an innocuous Tweet announcing a new deal for his recent hoops documentary to be streamed on Netflix. Three minutes before Jabbar’s Tweet, a virtually identical Tweet was sent out by Abdul-Jabbar’s manager Deborah Morales, who also directed the movie.

(Lakers: We Would’ve Bumped The Logo For […]


Video: The Finest Sports Documentary Ever Made

Today I watched a documentary by Richard Linklater about venerable Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido called, Inning By Inning: A Portrait of a Coach. Below is a small assemblage of clips from the finest piece of sports documentary filmmaking I’ve seen.

The video above, which is extremely not safe for work and inappropriate for children, was […]


Michigan Football Movie: 50 Cent On Authenticity

Remember last year when 50 Cent released a couple Twitter photos that revealed a sudden, startling weight loss? The public was aghast, thinking that Mr. Cent was perhaps the victim of health problems.

(Still from new 50 Cent film based on Univ. of Michigan football player)
Coincidentally, I was left equally aghast this morning when promotional […]


‘Rudy’ Making Movie About Wayne Newton Shrine

Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL has some delightful news about Rudy Ruettiger, the walk-on Notre Dame football player who inspired the feature film, “Rudy”.

Clarke reports, “Ruettiger has been involved in shooting a documentary of the transformation of (Wayne) Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah ranch into a Graceland-style tourist attraction.”
You heard Norm right, Ruettiger […]


Moneyballer: Superfat Actor Can’t Have My Name

I’ve less than no interest in Hollywood’s hilariously impossible attempt to captureĀ  Moneyball as a feature film - until now. Bad enough we’re required to buy Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, but now comes this newly-released photo of former A’s manager Art Howe being played by … wait for it … Philip Seymour Hoffman.

(Works for […]


NHLer Dad Shot Up TV Station To See Son’s Game

I somehow hadn’t heard the senseless, tragic story of NHL player Brian Spencer and his father Roy until author Brian Cronin recounted their almost cartoonishly sad lives today in a relatively brief blog entry at LATimes.com. (The word “unbelievable” is probably the most overused word in our culture, but in this particular instance, it most […]


Photo: Al Davis Might Consider Exfoliation Option

Screen shot of Al Davis from the ESPN film Straight Outta L.A.:

Soon to be pitching Carbon 14 spa treatments on HSN?


Pacquiao’s Next Test: Supersonic Breasts & Crabs

In case you missed it, Manny Pacquiao absolutely obliterated Miguel Cotto this Saturday. It really wasn’t much of a contest, even as it went 12 rounds before the referee put an end to the senseless beating Pacquiao was putting on Cotto. So until Pacqiuao and Floyd Mayweather fight (seriously, guys, just do it already), Pac-Man’s […]


Bruno Pranks Rose And Pete Doesn’t Let Us Down

Chris Littman of THE SPORTING BLOG has this DVD-only Sacha Cohen Bruno bit that involves Pete Rose.

The piece is an interview with Rose, but because the furniture for the setting didn’t arrive in time, Rose has to “sit on the Mexicans.”
More on the bit and video (NSFW) after the jump.


Speed Read: Wait - WSU Cougar RB Almost Died?

It’s not often that injury news takes us completely aback, but that’s absolutely the case over in Pullman tonight. One slightly mentioned aspect of last weekend’s game pitting Washington State against Southern Methodist was WSU’s tailback, James Montgomery, suffering an apparent knee injury. Not that those aren’t serious, but, y’know… they happen.

But one thing that […]