Dr. Seuss: Long Lost Sports Book Discovered?

Stephen J. Gertz of the blog Book Tryst reports this week about an, “eye-popping find, a Seuss book in its earliest stage, rough Seuss draft, an abandoned project not only never before seen on the market but never before seen or heard of, period.”

Forty years ago that “project” was to be a sports-themed book […]


Brady Plugged Hair Loss Talk With Flowing Locks

In just over 24 months Tom Brady’s topical solution for damage controlling his follicular fallout has transplanted public discourse from his premature baldness saga to comparing his coiffure to a moptop teen idol.

Now that, boys and girls, is public relations.
With the precipitous loss of the NFL quarterback’s locks indisputably obvious as early as 2002, Brady […]


McGahee Over His “nice rotation” Of Baby Mamas

Jawn Murray of AOL’s Black Voices blog has an interview with Willis McGahee of the Baltimore Ravens this week in which he bares his soul about the emotional trauma he and his family has suffered because of his regular reality show appearances.

McGahee is currently appearing as a regular on the third and current season of […]


Photos: Brady’s Gisele Is Lacking Pass Protection

Here’s some photos of Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen at a party in Paris Thursday night:

The pics have somewhat understandably sent some folks into a tizzy, but a few seconds of sleuthing revealed at least one of the two men photo’d for encroachment.


Wife Behind ‘Melo’s Continental Divide In Denver?

Why has Carmelo Anthony suddenly decided that he wants out of the Denver Nuggets organization?

(Carmelo Anthony’s wife LaLa Vasquez)
Nothing has changed to suggest that the Nuggets won’t remain as an elite team this season - so long as Anthony remains on the roster. In fact, the club figures to have a better chance to […]


‘Rudy’ Making Movie About Wayne Newton Shrine

Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL has some delightful news about Rudy Ruettiger, the walk-on Notre Dame football player who inspired the feature film, “Rudy”.

Clarke reports, “Ruettiger has been involved in shooting a documentary of the transformation of (Wayne) Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah ranch into a Graceland-style tourist attraction.”
You heard Norm right, Ruettiger […]


Black Eyed Peas: Grey Cup Halftime Gig Fallout

Sept. 16 I confirmed that the Black Eyed Peas would play this season’s Super Bowl halftime show.

The reaction of the public and media to the BEP booking has been mixed at best but criticism of Super Bowl halftime talent booked by the NFL is forever an inevitability. When you combine a colossal audience and hyper-politically […]


Official: World’s Most Expensive Friend Request

Snoop Dogg had a well-measured suggestion to billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter today:

Fabulous idea!

Especially since I just so happen to know a certain someone who’d be a perfect first hire.
On second thought, sorry Jose. Mr. Zuckerberg is obviously way too liquid for Bud Selig’s taste.


The Rock: Miami-Ohio St. ‘Sweater Vest Stomping’

Former University of Miami football player and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was nice enough to give us some of his thoughts on Saturday’s Miami-Ohio State college football game at Columbus.

Video and transcription of his remarks are below.


Photo: Taylor Swift Spotted At Notre Dame Game

Country music star Taylor Swift was photographed today on the sideline of the Notre Dame-Purdue college football game outside of Chicago in South Bend, Indiana.

I’ve been told by a source at Notre Dame that Swift was visiting her brother Austin, who is a freshman at the school. Swift was also joined by her mother Andrea.
Not […]