Meyers On ‘Golden Year’ Of Northwestern Football

At the time of this post Penn State-Northwestern is in the fourth quarter in Evanston - but I can confirm the below video is the highlight of the game.

(Via andrewhils)
That would be Lisa Byington’s sideline interview of Northwestern alumnus Seth Meyers on the Big Ten Network as Meyers deftly ties the current financial crisis to […]


Video: LSU Basketball Meets Jersey Shore. In Italy


LSU basketball players Garrett Green, Justin Hamilton, Matt Derenbecker, Andrew Del Piero and Eddie Ludwig had a chance encounter with cast members of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore last week in Florence, Italy. (The LSU hoops squad is midway through an 11-day tour of Italy while Jersey Shore is shooting its third season in […]


tosh.Ohh: “God Hates Nick Saban More Than I Do”

Three months ago I posted a piece about two writers on the Comedy Central show tosh.0 who happen to be University of Alabama grads and diehard Crimson Tide football fans.

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Thanks to their background, Alabama, and more specifically, Nick Saban, is often the […]


Ohio St. Item Cited By NCAA Seen On Pawn Stars

Two pairs of Ohio State gold pants, which are charms given to Buckeye football players who beat Michigan, were featured items Monday night on a new episode of History Channel’s Pawn Stars.

On Dec. 23, 2010, the NCAA suspended five Buckeye football players for five games during the 2011 season after Ohio State reported the players […]


Michigan Football Movie: 50 Cent On Authenticity

Remember last year when 50 Cent released a couple Twitter photos that revealed a sudden, startling weight loss? The public was aghast, thinking that Mr. Cent was perhaps the victim of health problems.

(Still from new 50 Cent film based on Univ. of Michigan football player)
Coincidentally, I was left equally aghast this morning when promotional […]


Braylon Bday Partygoers Suffer Nasty Confection

Friday Braylon Edwards threw a birthday party for himself at the MGM Grand.

Make that the MGM Grand Detroit.

Not seen in the party photos: Discovery shooting the premiere episode of Cake Boss Intervention.
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Video: 1st Time Gundy Sent T. Boone To Voicemail

Last Friday during a live interview on Radio Disney in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber’s phone went off thanks to a call from Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith.

The ringtone?

A snip from Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man! I’m 40!” rant.
When asked about the ringtone, Bieber said he added it after discovering Gundy on […]


Miss. State Playboy Cheerleader: Vh1 Reality Pilot

Three weeks ago I reported that a current Mississippi State freshman cheerleader named Taylor Corley had modeled nude in November for Playboy.

After my report, Mississippi State subsequently released a statement about the 18-year-old, with a school official indicating that since Corley had posed for Playboy before she enrolled at MSU, she had been allowed to […]


Comedy Central’s ‘Norm MacDonald Sports Show’

In 1998, Norm MacDonald did the impossible: He made the ESPYs marginally entertaining television.

(See video below)
That year, MacDonald delivered the funniest sports-related comedy monologue in television history.
Naturally, ESPN hasn’t invited him back since.
So I suppose there is some hope for Comedy Central’s newly-announced “Sports Show With Norm MacDonald.”
Today the cable channel released details on […]


Audio: Fergie Weighs In On Aguilera’s Anthem Flub

While singing the Star Spangled Banner before Super Bowl 45 in Dallas Sunday, Christina Aguilera ‘lost her place‘ a couple times.

(Credit: FOX Television, Getty Images)
Aguilera errored in singing “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming” instead of the correct lyric, which begins “What so proudly we hailed.”
Her “O’er the ramparts we […]