Tx Tech Rep: SbB’s Use Of School Logo Is Illegal

In 10 1/2 years of operating SbB, I’ve never been sued or been faced with any serious legal action. None.

(Texas Tech rep IMG fired legal guns 72 hours after SbB’s BCG revelations)
Over the years I’ve reported on Texas Tech quite a bit - especially as it pertains to Mike Leach, and more recently, Tommy […]


Auburn, Oregon Shoot The Messenger Showdown

Last month an Auburn-centric site, TheAuburner.com, went all-in on an epic Sports by Brooks parody.

Today, SBNation.com site AddictedtoQuack.com checked-in with its own full-page SbB goof.

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Your Difference Between San Francisco And L.A.

We don’t paint over artistic tributes to the fallen heroes of the greatest nation on earth five days before Fourth of July. From the Venice Beach Boardwalk today:

(Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag mural was still there)
More importantly, Happy 4th to the ones who most matter today: The troops overseas, stateside and all […]


“SPORTSbyBROOKS will revolutionize your life”

Much of my 16-year main media career was spent in sports radio as a talk show host, play-by-play announcer and program director. When I created the internet’s first sports blog in May, 2001, it wasn’t called a “blog” back then and I was still working full-time in radio.

For the first few years I was writing […]


Like I Want Antoine Walker On My Front Lawn?

The Big Lead and SbB named-checked on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN Radio show yesterday:

Re: Cowherd on SbB, let me translate:

As my friend will tell you, getting comped at the Four Queens ain’t no accident.


Safe Memorial Day From The Streets Of Dogtown

Beautiful day here.

Wishing our best geezer woulda lived t’see it.


Bottom Feed: SbB Powerless Rankings Are Here

Here’s my first SbB Powerless Rankings, which note the least influential prominent sports figures of the moment. The criteria is simple: The folks on the list would have no relevance if it weren’t for blind luck or undue support from their employers.

1 ) BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock: Most-despised man in sports, yet he has […]


Wanna Gouge iPhone App Users? Call Coach K.!

Joe Ovies at wralsportsfan.com in Raleigh discovers a non sequitur association between Duke hoops coach Mike Krzyzewski and a generic iPhone application selling for $2.99.

(Dragons! Panda Bears! Bill Guthridge!)
Press release for what Krzyzewski licensed his name to:
The Coach K App utilizes innovative multi-touch controls that immerse the player into an exciting series of races […]


SPORTSbyBROOKS Joins Forces With Fox Sports

Pleased to announce you can now find SbB 24/7 at FoxSports.com:

Nothing will change here with our FoxSports.com page updated multiple times every day. Also happy to now be working with the Fox Sports editorial team in L.A. along with our longtime partners Yardbarker.com.
Couldn’t be more excited about the arrangement. Already confirmed I can keep my […]


Chilling Media Admission To Signal SbB’s Demise?

Eight years in, and I never once thought about the demise of this site. Or that SbB had somehow lost its scab-ripping reputation in the sports media.

(If no longer being cool means SbB ascending to the same prestigious pantheon as Liam Gallagher and Tom from Myspace, what exactly is the downside?)
But that changed when I […]