Video: Craig James Defames Leach With Malice

What do you call the express lane of The Road to Hell?

(Evil? Absolutely.)Real Street.
So drastically does it reduce commute time that Craig James often back home in Malice, Texas, before cock crows twice.
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Craig James Spirtual War: On What Side Is God?

For Texas Tech football fans, perhaps the only thing more stressful than witnessing ESPN broadcaster Craig James effectively oust their winningest coach in school history during the offseason for illegitimate reasons has been the last two weeks.

(Craig James said it, not us)
The Red Raiders suffered a blowout 52-38 loss to lowly Iowa State last […]


Messiah Died For High School Line Judge’s Sins?

Monday Cleveland-Glenville High School defeated Dwyer (FL) High School in the Kirk Herbstreit Classic at Ohio Stadium in Columbus.

The game was marred by a controversial conclusion that saw what appeared to be a last-second, game-winning Dwyer touchdown go for naught. Instead, Glenville claimed a 26-22 victory in front of a national television audience.

In the aftermath […]


Israeli NBA Player Mural Defaced With Swastika

The SACRAMENTO BEE and KCRA-TV in Sacramento report that a large outdoor mural of Sacramento Kings player Omri Casspi, who is Israeli, was defaced with a backwards swastika earlier this week.

Sacto Police Department spokesman Konrad von Schoech said local authorities first learned that the plywood display of the NBA player and his Sacramento Kings teammates […]


Golf Hall of Famer To Muslims: ‘Go Away - Soon!’

The issue of a mosque being built in close proximity to Ground Zero is a passionate subject for many Americans, which is understandable. (I’m one of them.)

Personally, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that perhaps a Mosque shouldn’t be built near the Ground Zero site in New York City. But I can see both […]


Pope Approached, Snubbed Catholic LPGA Player

Ron Sirak of GOLF DIGEST has the most bizarre part of the already strange early retirement of top LPGA player Lorena Ochoa:

(Perhaps John Paul Would’ve Noted We’re Not In The 16th Century)
There had been whispers about trouble in Ochoa’s personal life for well over a year, pretty much ever since Andres Conesa, the director general […]


Tebow Aced One Test At Combine: The Blunderlic

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk at NBC Sports reports:

(Thought Tebow’s only curse at the combine was five-step drop?)
Reax to the news is already pouring in, including from fertile offensive mind Mike Leach.


Ex-Jayhawks Star Didn’t Kiss Wife Until Wedding

Former Kansas Jayhawks hoops star and devout christian Wayne Simien takes the KANSAS CITY STAR’s J. Brady McCollough through his life of temptation, which most prominently involved the appropriately-named Miami Heat.
Wayne Simien’s first team meeting with the Miami Heat, which drafted him in the first round in 2005 with the 29th overall pick, gave him […]


Dude Who Quit Oakland A’s For Priesthood Speaks

Grant Desme, the Oakland A’s prospect who recently gave up baseball to consider entering the priesthood, guested on the nationally-syndicated Dan Patrick radio show today.

One of many interesting and somewhat quizzical comments from Desme to Patrick:
It was, um, I could just tell from prayer. Praying is just…especially after having such a…I mean, God blessed me […]


Tebow Draft Status Might’ve Just Fallen Off a Cliff

Jon Paul Morosi of reports today:

(Video highlights)
Outfielder Grant Desme, one of the Oakland A’s top prospects, has decided to retire from baseball in order to pursue the priesthood. An A’s official confirmed Desme’s decision this morning, saying the 23-year-old is “serious” about the big career change.
After batting .288 with 31 home runs in 131 […]