Joe Torre Dirties Up Jim Bouton’s Book ‘Ball Four’

Let’s face it, Joe Torre is no Jim Bouton, and “The Yankee Years” is certainly no “Ball Four.” But the two tell-all memoirs share more in common than the ability to piss off a lot of people.

Tom Hoffarth of the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS has done the dirty work and combed through “Ball Four” to […]


Bodybuilding Brother Bus-Tosses Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire used a ton of performance-enhancing drugs during his baseball career. Everybody knows it without really knowing it; between the unprecedented power, the rapid muscle growth, and the fiffin in front of Congress, there was no rational explanation for his behavior other than “roid roid roid.” But at the same time, nobody except for […]


Rugby Players’ Sexual Exploits Now A Book Series

Think rugby is just a bunch of large, sometimes toothless men beating the crap out of each other and then going to the pub? Well, it is. But England’s Rugby Football Union wants you to know that the boys have a sensitive side, too.

(Which is the more typical rugby guy?)
They’re so committed to it, […]


Because One Jason Elam Novel Just Isn’t Enough

I’m sure you all remember the first time you read Atlanta Falcons kicker Jason Elam’s special ops soldier/linebacker novel Monday Night Jihad. You know, the one in which protagonist Riley Covington leaves his pro football career behind to fight an evil terrorist plot with his former buddies in a special ops unit and saves the […]


TO Wants You In Shape, Wired On Energy Drinks

Sure, he might have only caught two passes in the Cowboys’ Sunday night win over the Packers, but Terrell Owens has lots of reasons to live. In fact, two new ones, as the AP reports: TO has a new fitness book out and has an endorsement deal with a new energy drink.

First the fitness book: […]


Irvin Almost a Killer; Haley a Meeting Masturbator?

A new book released yesterday by noted sports author Jeff Pearlman opens with a description of Hall-of-Fame receiver Michael Irvin slashing a teammate in the throat with a pair of scissors in the early ’90s, nearly killing him. According to an interview with Pearlman in the NEW YORK TIMES, Irvin attacked fellow Cowboy Everett McIver […]


‘Brothel Ran Out Of Girls’ For Ex-Panther Peter

Former first-round draft pick Jason Peter only played four seasons in the NFL, but it’s his exploits off the field that are so remarkable.

Peter’s playing-days memoir, Hero of the Underground, will appear in stores next month. But this book deals less with the thrill of victory as much as the thrill of wasting millions of […]