ESPN: Rush Dumped By Own Group In Rams’ Bid

Only hours after defiantly refusing to back off on his controversial bid to seek co-ownership of the St. Louis Rams, conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh has reportedly been dumped by his own ownership group.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Dave Checketts, chairman of the St. Louis Blues and head of one of the groups attempting […]


Book: Lab Took BP With Ted Williams Frozen Head

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s starting off my Friday with a gruesome description of how lab workers played batting practice with the cryogenically frozen head of baseball legend Ted Williams. That’s the claim in a new book by a former executive at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Yikes. The freezing of […]


Former Raiderette Shakes Literary Moneymakers

In a world … where no one is who or what they seem … can a preteen cheerleader elude terrorists and unmask the U.S. Senate imposter who is secretly planning to blow up our nation’s capital? Oh sorry, that’s not the premise of Alise Cayen’s new book at all. Patty Pom Poms is just all […]


That “Moneyball” Movie Is Back On, Apparently

If you’re anything like us, you were probably devastated to learn that the Moneyball movie had lost its funding at the last second, mainly because the idea of Brad Pitt as a general manager who uses Bloomin’ Onions to seduce waitresses is spectacularly hilarious. Luckily, we have good news.

(A little yonic, don’t you think? No? […]


Michael Phelps Wrote A Book… About Dinosaurs

Michael Phelps is a man of many talents. He’s the fastest swimmer ever. He hangs around with girls whose shirts can’t stay on. He takes bong rips with superhuman efficiency. Let’s add “children’s author” to that list, because hey, why not?

(A Tyrannosaurus can’t even fit in a pool. This seems counterproductive.)
Yes, that’s actually a book […]


‘Friday Night Lights’ Coach is Back in The Saddle

Because Buzz Bissinger and I are Twitter pals,* I have learned that Gary Gaines, who was made famous through Bissinger’s novel “Friday Night Lights,” is returning to be the head football coach at Odessa-Permian High in Texas after 19 seasons.

Gaines, the coach at the center of Bissinger’s book who is also depicted in the NBC […]


Filthy Sign Language Lessons With Rick Majerus

Rick Majerus: good-natured goofball or basketball tyrant? Despite the image he tries to project (and his resemblance to the Dad from “Just the Ten of Us,” it’s becoming abundantly clear that the only thing the former Utah and current St. Louis coach loves more than a free buffet is making his players’ lives miserable. At […]


Lance Blames Crow’s Biological Clock For Breakup

Not content to let Jose Canseco continue to dominate the literary world, Lance Armstrong has a new book coming out in July. So get set to make some room on your bookshelf for the simply-titled “Lance”, a cyclist’s story as told to John Wilcockson. (Heh, Wilcockson.)

Among the subjects touched in the upcoming missive is Armstrong’s […]


Strawberry’s Loved Lots & Lots & Lots Of Ladies

Darryl Strawberry has a new book coming out. And what better way to promote it than by sharing some ribald tales of scintillating sexcapades with thousands of women?

SPORTS RADIO INTERVIEWS informs us that the ex-Met was on WFAN to plug his new literary offering, “Straw: Finding My Way”. During the show, hosts Boomer & Carlton […]


SI Writer Denies Claims She Was Stalking A-Rod

Since it’s no doubt been a whole five or ten seconds since you last heard something about Alex Rodriguez and his positive steroid test and subsequent apology, let me end that peace for you. While most people would agree that A-Rod coming out & admitting he took steroids and apologizing for it was a good […]