Missing North Dakota Softball Players Found Dead

Three softball players from Dickinson State University in North Dakota who had been missing since Sunday have been found dead. After a day and a half of ground & air searches, rescue teams found a vehicle submerged in a nearby pond - with the three girls dead inside.

(L to R: Kyrstin Gemar, Ashley Neufeld, Afton […]


Hitting Thousands Of Balls Can Help Fight Cancer

As slow-pitch softball players go, Christian James doesn’t appear to break any stereotypes. He’s around the age of 30, sports a clean goatee, lives in an exurban area, and appears to take the sport way, way too seriously. We don’t know if he enjoys Busch Light, but… we wouldn’t doubt it.

(We’re just saying, if […]


Goodbye, Old Busch Stadium, Hello, Softball Field!

As part of the joy and festivities surrounding the opening of the St. Louis Cardinals’ new stadium a few years ago, Bud Selig and MLB granted them the privilege of hosting the All-Star Game this season. Seems natural, seems fair. There’s one tiny problem, and that is that there’s absolutely nothing on the site of […]


Cops Give Pervy Coach Chris Hansen Treatment

At this point, should we call the Oxford English Dictionary people and see if they can add “Chris Hansened” into next year’s edition? I know it’s two words and all, but it’s so convenient and everyone knows exactly what it means. For example: the CHATTANOOGA TIMES FREE PRESS reports that a youth softball coach thought […]


Softball Catfight Brings WWE To Furman Fields

Softball’s a civil sport, right? With well tempered fans? Evidently not in the Carolinas, where the parents of players still haven’t figured out to get along.

As first reported this morning in BUSTED COVERAGE, the closed circuit cameras from last weekend’s game between Western Carolina and Furman got a gem of a brawl behind home plate […]


Are You Ready For Olympic Women’s Baseball?

Just when you thought that Girl Power died when the Spice Girls broke up, there comes word from BASEBALL DIGEST that suggests otherwise: the International Baseball Federation has including both men’s and women’s baseball in their bid to regain Olympic sports status in time for the 2016 Games. Somewhere in Baseball Fad Heaven, the Colorado […]


Speed Read: Dwyane Wade Pecks at Your Entrails

The Atlanta Hawks’ animal mascot (as opposed to its mall & car dealership mascot) couldn’t get settled for Wednesday night’s Game 2 against the Miami Heat. Before each home game, Spirit the Hawk usually swoops across the arena and land with its handler.
Instead, the (Del?) Harris hawk became confused last night and wandered Philips Arena, […]


Speed Read: Cubs Riding Hard Liquor Bandwagon

It wasn’t enough for Diageo, the makers of Smirnoff vodka, to invite the good folks of Phoenix out to see their hockey team free with the purchase of a bottle of booze.  Now they’re plastering their name across The World’s Largest Beer Garden in an attempt to make further inroads into the sports scene. That’s […]


Zags Star Turned Coach Nailed For Underage Sex

A former women’s basketball star at a Catholic university then becomes a high school softball coach? I’ll have to double check to make sure I got all of my stereotypes correct, but that sounds to me like a recipe for lesbian sex with an underage player.

Raenna Jewell, who was a 1000-point scorer at Gonzaga, was […]


Softball Player Finds Man “Slap Hitting” Self In Car

Apparently, if you are in Santa Barbara and you want to masturbate in public, Santa Barbara City College is the place to do it. THE CHANNELS ONLINE says that a middle-aged man named Harold Hall was arrested at the parking lot of the campus’ La Playa Stadium after being spotted by a SBCC softball player […]