What American Football Player ‘Aimed At His Head’

A) Ray Lewis:

B) Dante Wesley:

C) Owen Schmitt:

D) Landon Donovan:


‘The Cheater’: African Soccer Ref Strikes Yet Again

Today in a World Cup match against Slovenia that ended 2-2, the U.S. was robbed of a potential game-winning goal by referee Koman Coulibaly (#42!) thanks to a phantom foul call by the native of Mali.

To international soccer observers well-versed in the performance of officials, today’s inexplicable performance by Coulibaly came as no surprise.
Though officiating […]


Cool! SbB Now Available Live From The World Cup

Though, as Maradona will tell you, it kinda blows.


Spain Blames Sideline Reporter WAG For WC Loss

Outraged over an embarrassing loss to Switzerland, local media and fans of perennial World Cup underachiever Spain are reportedly blaming Sara Carbonero, the stunning sideline reporter girlfriend of the Spanish goalie Iker Casillas, for the defeat.

This despite Telecinco’s Carbonero scolding Casillas during a nationally televised interview after the loss. During the visit, she demanded to […]


Vuvuzelas: Nike Plot To Spoil World Cup By Adidas

Smoking gun right here:


Outrage: England Telecast Missed Brits First Goal

England gave away a possible World Cup win over the U.S.A. today thanks to a goalkeeper gaffe, but at least the Brits had one goal against America to cheer about in what ended a 1-1 tie.

If only they’d seen it.
The United Kingdom’s national ITV HD telecast inexplicably cut to commercial just as Steven Gerrard scored […]


U.S. Soccer As NFL-Huge? There’s One Way. One.

With the World Cup upon us, the last couple of weeks I’ve been interviewed by some overseas sports media television and radio outlets about the state of soccer in America. From those visits, I can confirm that the Brits, Aussies and South Africans wonder, as we all do here, if soccer will ever take off […]


Official: The Greatest Sports Mascot Of All-Time

The mascot for the latest iteration of the pro soccer Tampa Bay Rowdies is a sock:

Somehow, Odor-Eaters is not the presenting sponsor of the team.



Video: Sportscaster Turns Standup Into Falldown

I somehow missed this two weeks ago:

Doing a standup for a “Gaucho League” match in Brazil in 99 degree heat apparently prompted analyst “Zé Batista” to fall harder than Apolo Ohno’s Q rating on March 1. (Also when Ohno will once again only be associated with Macadamia Nut-Crust and Mango-Lime Butter.)
Dude’s eyes rolled up faster […]


Claim: US World Cup Player Dropped Over Affair

Ronald Blum of the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports Tuesday evening:

Breaking more than a decade of silence, former U.S. soccer coach Steve Sampson said Tuesday he dropped John Harkes from the national team roster two months before the 1998 World Cup because the American captain was having an affair with the wife of teammate Eric Wynalda.
Harkes has […]