Canada Stole Olympic Gold From Spyware Traitor

With Alex Bilodeau’s freestyle moguls win Sunday, Canada claimed its first gold medal as an Olympic host country, deflating the main media storyline of Games coverage north of the border.

Much more satisfying though was the bizarre circumstance of the man who may well have had his gold stolen in the event. A circumstance that made […]


Pornographic Snow Boards Making Slope Slippery

Burton, a snowboard manufacturer, is facing backlash over selling boards that have pornographic and sometimes bizarre images on them.

($429.95 for porn without a password?)
Sarah Mausolf of the VAIL DAILY reports that the Burton “Love” boards feature images of Playboy models. Though the “nipples and genitals have been covered or cropped out of view, their […]


Tara Dakides Tattooed Olympic Snowboarder Nude Photo Wins Roxy Chicken Jam Slopestyle

OLY SNOWBOARDER PUTS BEST CHICKEN BREAST FORWARD: This week, ink-stained Winter Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Tara Dakides won something called the “Roxy Chicken Jam Slopestyle“.

Transworld Snowboarding also dutifully reports that Leanne Pelosi won “Best Trick on the down-rail” and Jamie Anderson claimed “Best Trick on the kink bar”.And like you, I had no idea snowboarding […]