Hawk Skates White House, Panties Bunch At FOX

You, like us, might have a had a good chuckle over those pictures of Tony Hawk skating down a White House hallway. You might have thought it a bit of harmless fun; a great chance for Hawk, and a lighthearted moment for the administration. You must not work at Fox News.

(Nice photo, Zapruder)
Turns out the […]


Some Grade Schools Now Teaching Skateboarding

Dude, for some grade-school kids in Minnesota, gym class is about to get a lot more, uh, gnarly (is that a word the kids still use?). That’s because Hayes Elementary School in the town of Fridley has added skateboarding to its P.E. curriculum. Yet another reason that I was born 20 years too soon.

(”But mom, […]


Skateboarder Forgets ‘Half Your Age Plus 7′ Rule

With the rise of the so-called genre of action sports, a lot of snowboards are rising to mainstream recognition after having some success in competitions like the X-Games, and so forth.

(Whoa, dude. She looks 18 from up here)
And if that doesn’t work, you could always score some ink in the police blotter by allegedly […]