Phillies Pulling Out The Big Guns For Game Four

As you would expect, the baseball playoffs bring out the best Philadelphia has to offer:

They’ve got that reversed, Hooters have the first pitch …

… and these guys have the anthem:


Wendy’s White Sox Still Trampling On My Royals

In the last two days, SbB Girl Wendy and I have been knee-deep in the two time-honored traditions Kansas City is famous for: Sick BBQ and watching the Royals lose.

(Dude, like we didn’t see you sneak that celly snap?)
Already in the first two games of a three game set, the Chicago Pierzynskis, have had […]


Gotta Hurry Up & Post This, I Need To Go Drink

So I’m back in my hometown, Cowtown, with SbB Girl Wendy. In case you don’t know, Wendy is a raging, closet masochist. In other words, she’s a White Sox fan.

We met up at The K this weekend for a turd baseball stew brewed up by the going-nowhere White Sox and Royals. Friday, I’m happy to […]


SbB Hopes You Have a Happy & Safe Memorial Day

Emma Andersson SbB Girl Colene at the Korean War Memorial in D.C.:


The Surest Way To Bring Bulls Back to Wall Street

Thanks to SbB Girl Anyssa:

Cover those shorts kids!


‘L.A. Live’ Is Spiffy, But Doesn’t Beat NFL Stadium

Thanks to My Boy Barry, I went to a Lakers game last week with SbB Girls Colene, Denise and Natasha.

(Tash, Denise and Colene should’ve gotten the $5M instead)
It was kind of a blah game against the Wizards, but it was Colene and Natasha’s first Lakers game, and it gave me the chance to check out […]


Everything’s Turning Up Rosy For Brooks & USC

That was some exciting Rose Bowl, wasn’t it? For USC fans, yes. For the casual football fan, not really. Even though it was the only bowl game on TV in it’s time slot, it was hard to keep interested when the Trojans were up 31-7 at halftime. But least Brooks can say he had a […]


Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas From Malibu

Season’s Greetings from Southern California!

Merry Xmas from SbB Girl Allie and the rest of us at SPORTSbyBROOKS.
- B


Wishing You Happy Thanksgiving From Lipstix City

No lame-o, pre-canned-like-cheap-cranberry-sauce posts today. You’ll have to settle for new SbB Girl Lyndsey chillin’ in Beverly Hills.

See you tomorrow.


Is Anyone Out There Not Named Paige Green?

We now know there are at least three different Paige Greens floating around on the internet. One is the former Raiders cheerleader who will soon marry John Elway.

Another Paige Green had a very public engagement pronouncement in the SEATTLE P-I two years ago, and now is married to a gentleman named Reagan Dunn.
And a third […]