Romo, Jones Get Picky In Cowboys Stadium Debut

• The Dallas Cowboys’ brand-new billion-dollar stadium was christened with a plethora of picks, courtesy of Tony Romo & Jerry Jones.

• Seems that the only thing that could possibly slow down the Florida Gators is the dreaded swine flu.
• Sadly, four Gator fans were killed in a small plane crash after returning from Saturday’s game […]


Week In Review: Chuck Cannot Stomach Tequila

• Charles Barkley has some relationship advice for Shawne Merriman: “You don’t get your women from reality TV.”

• Well, Jay Cutler’s debut for the Chicago Bears could have gone better.
• Fox Sports reporter Chris Myers compares Larry Foote’s jersey from the Steelers to the Lions to going from dating Beyonce to Whoopi Goldberg.
• Michelle Wie’s […]


RichRod Saw No Sucker Punch During Irish Game

• A Michigan player punched a Notre Dame opponent during last weekend’s game? Rich Rodriguez has no idea what you’re talking about.

• Duke football players bedevil fans with their own shirtless poster.
• How did Lane Kiffin get to be the coaching genius that he is? By washing Reggie White’s car while his dad coached.
• Bills […]


New SbB Feature Rollouts: “SbB Live”, “SbB@3″

Today we’re adding a couple new features to SbB.
This morning we’re launching something called “SbB Live”. Weekdays from 10a-Midnight ET, I will update all essential sports news as it happens. Weekends will be from Noon-10p ET. The entries/links will be very short, and organized by hour. There will be a small, high profile update box […]


Yankees, Blue Jays Trade Punches In Basebrawl

• The Bronx Bombers blow up in a Tuesday night fight with the Blue Jays.

• And if Derek Jeter’s gonna brawl, he’s gonna need a mighty moustache.
• Seems that Wisconsin civic leaders have a problem with 12-year-old albino boys playing football with a tinted helmet visor.
• A Walter Payton statue in front of Soldier Field: […]


Michelle Wie Blog Shows Art Skills, Leopard Skirts

• Michelle Wie has her own blog where she can showcase some of her off-course talents - such as art work and wearing leopard & leather outfits.

• No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills - mainly because they keep putting themselves in disastrous situations.
• A Nigerian soccer player tries to earn a roster […]


Bears QB Cutler Performs Poorly Against Packers

• Jay Culter’s debut as Chicago’s QB was completely em-Bear-assing.

• A fired high school basketball coach decides to spend her new-found free time suing over the fact that girls have to play on school nights while the boys get to play on weekends.
• We knew the New Jersey Nets were losers, but we didn’t realize […]


Week In Review: Shawne & Tila Get All Choked Up

• Shawne Merriman & Tila Tequila have had quite the memorable week, haven’t they?

• Bengals QB Carson Palmer is worried that someone’s going to die in the NFL. Meanwhile, other Bengals QB Jordan Palmer has no worries about big brother’s USC squad beating the Buckeyes.
• Sounds like Danica Patrick will be racing over to NASCAR […]


Merriman Tried To Tempt Tila With A Threesome

• Threesomes, nudity, threatening to have sex with others - this Shawne Merriman-Tila Tequila story just keeps getting better & better!

• But sleeping around isn’t always so much fun - especially when it’s leading to the divorce of Melanie Oudin’s parents.
• The Dallas Cowboys are the hottest ticket in the NFL this year. It’s so […]


God Tells Allen Iverson He’s to Migrate to Memphis

• Why would Allen Iverson ever join the Grizzlies? Because God told him to.

• Andrea McNulty is willing to drop her sexual assault lawsuit against Ben Roethlisberger - as long as Big Ben admits he did it.
• A foolish foursome tries to steal Cal Ripken Jr.’s “8″ statue from the front of Camden Yards.
• The […]