Soccer GM Claims No Gays In Italian Pro League

Gianni Wilson of reports this week that a former longtime general manager of the storied Italian Juventus franchise, Luciano Moggi, said of gays playing professional soccer: “I know the football world and its insides. You cannot live within it as a gay. A homosexual cannot be a footballer.”

(Banned Italian soccer GM Luciano Moggi’s next […]


Warriors Out Of Playoffs - No Mo’ Alba Sightings?

The Golden State Warriors have been officially eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. And we have a bad idea of what this might mean:

No chance of sighting Jessica Alba at courtside.
If only there was a playoff-bound pro basketball team in Los Angeles that could save an extra baseline seat for her. Somewhere close to Jack Nicholson […]


RoyWill: The Second-Closest I’ve Been To Divorce

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams is making it up to Tar Heel fans upset about his rooting his former team - y’know, the one that beat them in the Final Four - by forgoing his vacation in Europe with his family to attend a recruiting event, TARHEELBLUE.COM reveals.

The younger Williams moved to London last […]


Bloganalia: Kwame Brown, Rising Any Day Now

MISTER IRRELEVANT revisits the Wizards’ phenomenal swag from 2003-2004.

Critical of the home team? Not if you’re an announcer. NOLESPORTS.COM has the story on why P.T. Willis got canned.
THE LOS ANGELES TIMES’ shows John McCain and Barack Obama polling closely in college hoops acumen.


KevLuv Continues Working On His 90-Foot Game

UCLA’s Kevin Love played to the crowd at the Bruin’s open practice Friday by attempting about a dozen full-court chest pass shots and hitting more than a few with apparent ease. That’s gotta work its way into the playbook, right?

CBS had footage of Love’s long-distance prowess during practice last week, but the angle in this […]


Iona Coach Possibly Fired For Interracial Marriage

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled that a jury should hear the case of former Iona basketball coach Craig Holcomb, who claims that he was dismissed from his job at the college because Holcomb, who is white, married a black woman.

The appellate court ruled […]


Awaiting Steve Nash’s Next Cinematic Masterpiece

Once Steve Nash gets done with this whole basketball thing, he has let it be known that he’d like to join the pantheon of great Canadian filmmakers, like, um … Judd Apatow! and, uh… Paul Haggis! In fact, he’s already gotten his start, as reports THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, producing a Nike ad that is somehow […]


Fan’s Moment With LeBron Equals 3 Hours In Jail’s PLAYA HATER blog catches up with 17-year-old Anthony Erskine, the guy who ran onto the court during Wednesday’s Knicks-Cavs game to have a word with his hero, LeBron James. And a word it was. “I said, “Yo, LeBron, what’s up? I just wanted to meet you, I love the way you play,’” said Erskine, […]


Hawaii Realizes It’s Surrounded By Water

In something that seems like it should have started a long time ago, Hawaii will hold the state’s first official high school surfing meet, as reported by the HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN.

Contest officials, coaches and students, some who have been pushing for years to have the Department of Education embrace the sport, say surfing should get the […]


Bloginalia: The Rog Is Cleaning Up Nicely

• CNBC’S DARREN ROVELL documents the otherworldly haul of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s good to be king.

• SMALL WHITE BALL has a recap of Christian Okoye and “Thunder” Dan Majerle in Pros vs. Joes. Okoye certainly didn’t look like this.

• THE SPORTING BLOG found somebody enjoying themselves, at least before they saw “Semi-Pro.”