Are The Cardinals Sick Of Leinart’s Sucking?

Remember all that talk that this was the season that Matt Leinart was going to shed his party boy image and get down to the business of being a franchise quarterback? You know, actually having a grasp of the offense as opposed to last season?

Things haven’t been going well this training camp, and yesterday’s 3-12, […]


Bonehead Busch’s Bristol Revenge Plan Backfires

Kyle Busch had a bad week: first he had to deal with the distraction of Joe Gibbs Racing getting caught cheating (even though it wasn’t his car). And on Saturday night, he lost more than once at Bristol during the NASCAR Nextel Cup race. As the AP reported, he was passed by rival Carl Edwards […]


Taekwondo Fighter Goes Bonkers, Kicks Ref

We have a new gold medal favorite in what has become one of the most hotly-contested events in Beijing - the Freestyle Poor Sportsmanship. The Swedish wrestler who threw his medal away, Usain Bolt’s 100 meter “taunting” and the boxer who bit his opponent all put up high marks, but with his high degree of […]


Blog Jam: Michael Phelps’ Thug Motivation 101

THE APPLE CORE speculates on Michael Phelps’ rap-centric iPod playlist. So he’s getting doped up before the race by listening to Young Jeezy?

LIQUID GENERATION has a video montage of The Greatest Gymnastics Crashes. And yes, the guy running into the vault horse - the Citizen Kane of gymnastics bloopers - is in there.
TIME proposes using […]


Olympics Fireworks As Real As Lord Of The Rings

Remember that cool visual during the Opening Ceremonies on Friday of a helicopter tracking firework footprints going across the Beijing skyline, leading to the stadium? THE TELEGRAPH reported that it was lie, created by CGI and inserted into the broadcast coverage in order to spruce things up a bit. How would that make you feel […]


Blog-o-Rama: The MLS Finally Making Some News

Who knew it would take a crazy naked guy on a plane being restrained by members of the New England Revolution for people to realize that the U.S. has a professional soccer league?  DEADSPIN and THE OFFSIDES RULES are just two of the places where you can get all the crazy naked details.

DEJUICED proves that […]


Texas High Schools Failed $3 Million Steroid Test

The University Interscholastic League in Texas is the owner of the largest steroid testing program in the nation. The tests aren’t for professional athletes or cattle instead high school students are randomly sampled for ‘roids.

The steroid testing program was approved by the Texas Legislature which allotted $6 million over two years to the UIL. The […]


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says HBO Is Racially Biased

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is retired from boxing, but that doesn’t mean he’s retired from talking. The outspoken pugilist gave the first interview of his post-boxing life to The Grand Rapids Press and covered a wide range of topics.

Money Mayweather says he loved playing the role of the villain, and he’s really retired from boxing. His […]


Phil Mickelson’s San Diego Home Is On The Market

If you think now is the time to jump into the housing market, and you have an extra $10.75 to $12.25 million burning a hole in your pocket, Phil Mickelson has the place for you.

Lefty put the Rancho Santa Fe home on the market after moving his family to a bigger home in the same […]


SbB Liveblog: Cavaliers @ Wizards, Game 3