Richardson Mom: Rental Cars, 2010 Alabama Pad

Eight months ago T-Town Menswear owner and disassociated Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar posted a series of Facebook photos showing him in the company of Trent Richardson, Richardson’s mother Katrina and the current Alabama football star’s daughters.

(Trent’s mom: Pensacola “home” in 11/2010 but court doc shows otherwise)
In one of the photos, Richardson and his mother […]


Bama Star: Another Outing With Ousted Booster

Three weeks ago this now-deleted Facebook photo of Trent Richardson having dinner with officially disassociated Alabama booster and Tuscaloosa suit store owner Tom Al-Betar at a Japanese steakhouse in Tuscaloosa surfaced on the site

(Evidence of  disgraced booster’s relationship to Bama stars piling up)
Now a new photo of Richardson and T-Town Menwear […]


Video: NY Giant Chad Jones In Horrific Car Crash

The NEWS ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE has details on a serious car accident suffered by New York Giants draft pick and former LSU player Chad Jones.

Jonathan Pajeaud, public information officer for the New Orleans Fire Department, said one of the fire department’s units arrived at the scene at 6:20 a.m. after a report was filed at 6:15 […]


Five Count: Kidd Forgets To Pick Up Dribble, Again

A NBA media source told me today that Jason Kidd missed the Mavericks’ dismantling of the Knicks Sunday to attend the birth of his fifth child.

(Looking for the word? Let me help you: “Discriminating”)
This time for Kidd the baby mama roulette wheel stopped on the former longtime girlfriend of Russell Simmons, Porschla Coleman.


Colts’ New Stadium’s Food Service Is Rats–t Crazy

Note to Indianapolis Colts ticket holders - if you’re squeamish or germophobic, either don’t eat the food at Lucas Oil Stadium or don’t read this article. Seriously, this is bad. Go somewhere else. Have you heard of DAILY KITTEN? Go to Daily Kitten instead of reading this if you have a weak stomach. Everyone gone? […]


Missing North Dakota Softball Players Found Dead

Three softball players from Dickinson State University in North Dakota who had been missing since Sunday have been found dead. After a day and a half of ground & air searches, rescue teams found a vehicle submerged in a nearby pond - with the three girls dead inside.

(L to R: Kyrstin Gemar, Ashley Neufeld, Afton […]


Aluminum Bat Maker Found Liable In 2003 Death

Back in 2003, Montana high school pitcher Brandon Patch was struck by a line drive from an aluminum bat in his temple during a game. Patch would die from the injuries four hours later; his family, quite understandably, eventually filed a lawsuit.

Their lawsuit, however, wasn’t against staff at the game or anybody else who was […]


New HS Insanity: “No Good Because We Said So”

This season, we’ve seen two new and unexpected ways for high school games to end on missed field goals. There was the “blocked field goal returned by the kicking team” and the “missed field goal so short the other team spikes it with totally disastrous consequences”. Suffice it to say, that’s about all the madness […]


Hampton Basketball Player Killed In Gun Accident

Theo Smalling, the popular senior team captain of the Hampton University men’s basketball team, was killed early Saturday in what police are calling an accidental shooting in a nightclub parking lot.

The 22-year-old was shot in the abdomen after another man, 21-year-old Dominique Devon Smith, mishandled a pistol, said police, who have charged Smith with reckless […]


Pics Of Steve Phillips And Brooke Hundley Surface

Well, that didn’t take long. Thanks to Internet and its magical powers, we’ve already got more pictures for today’s big story. According to THE BIG LEAD, two ESPN staffers are claiming that this is the infamous Brooke Hundley, a.k.a. the woman Steve Phillips gambled half his net worth on:

(They seem like a happy couple. This […]