It’s Raining (Too Many) Men (on the Field of Play)

The Sharks, a South African rugby team, slipped an extra man onto the grass for two whole minutes without anyone noticing in their Super 14 match against the Queensland Reds last weekend. The 16th man roamed freely in the Sharks win and made two key tackles. Queensland Reds are protesting now, but you […]


Former NFLer Takes A Scrum At Rugby In England

An NFL player wants to show just how tough he is by taking part in a pro rugby match.

SCRUM.COM reports that Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones will have taken a “crash course” in the rough & tumble sport, and will likely see action this Saturday in England for the Blackheath club.
And it’s not just a scrimmage […]


BBC Headline Says Chuter Chooses Hairy Route In Paris

TAKING HAIRY ROUTE IN PARIS DANGEROUS PROPOSITION: The BBC sports this headline about an important decision:

So, as we understand it, some shooter chose the hairy route to play in Paris.

Is that safe?