Chinese Condoms Exploit Beckham, British WAGs

Leave it to the Chinese to appropriate whatever they want from western culture, use it to sell slumping consumer goods and then expect the rest of the world to understand that they just don’t believe in individual property rights. Last month it was David Beckham. This month? It’s one of the world’s great WAGs (wives […]


Rugby Players’ Sexual Exploits Now A Book Series

Think rugby is just a bunch of large, sometimes toothless men beating the crap out of each other and then going to the pub? Well, it is. But England’s Rugby Football Union wants you to know that the boys have a sensitive side, too.

(Which is the more typical rugby guy?)
They’re so committed to it, […]


Hungry High School Athletes Bust Barriers, Scales

Our time is short today but the level of awesome coming from this nation’s high schools cannot be allowed to pass unnoticed.  Therefore, we bring you news from Washington, D.C., of the pioneering African-American rugby squad and of the Offensive Line That Ate the Twin Cities.
• The NEW YORK TIMES brings news of the D.C. […]


Oxford Rugby Parties Like It’s Germany, 1944!

Apparently, the new sports fad making the rounds lately is people just being completely racist! Thanks to our friends across the pond, we now have a new story to put up alongside such recent hits as the infamous Spain basketball team photo, the Justin Timberlake joke that never was, and today’s story about ESPN’s canceled […]


Australian Rugby League to Ban All Drinking?

Australia’s National Rugby League usually only makes headlines over here (aside: do they call us Up Over? Because of Down Under? They should.) for things like Russell Crowe owning his own club, the “Rabbitohs.” That sounds more like a really unappetizing cereal. I digress.

(I for one am stunned that this team is one of the […]


Ball-Grabbing Rugby Star Could Go All The Way

What is it about rugby players and violence? Just because they play a game that involves crashing into each other at ridiculous rates of speed with minimal head gear or pads, you would think it attracts a strange group of people.

Take Leon Pryce: the English star told THE SUN that he’ll be ready for this […]


Rugby Player Pulls a Mike Tyson, Bites Opponent

If there is one rule all athletes should live by, it’s not “avoid cameras when you go out to the bar” (though that is a pretty solid rule). It’s this: Whatever you do, however frustrated or angry you become in the athletic competition in which you are competing, do not, under any circumstances, bite an […]


Cops: Ex-Rugby Star Turns Killer’s Face To Mush

More proof that rugby players might be the toughest athletes in the world: even their ex-athletes turned criminals are more hardcore than in the US. Witness the case of former New Zealand professional rugby player Mike Edwards: the WELLINGTON DOMINION POST reports that he has been charged with beating a convicted murderer to a pulp […]


Rugby Team Strips Pride and Clothes in Lithuania

After a 48-0 drubbing by the Lithuanian national rugby team in their capitol of Vilnius over the weekend, the Austrian national rugby team put their heads together to think of a way to embarrass themselves further at one of the local alcohol-dispensing establishments. Of course, being rugby players, they thought of something: group nudity.

(Yes. […]


Now Come On, Rugby; Let’s Do the Testicle Twist

As spotted quite bravely by 100% Injury Rate at FANIQ with a minimum of whimpering and vomiting, the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks’ Paul Gallen made a grab for glory last weekend when he got into the shorts of the man he was guarding, Josh Graham, and squeezed down hard on his defense.
Also, Gallen squashed Graham’s testicles with […]