Heroic Boy Reenacts Illegal Backyard Deer Tackle

We mentioned this in SbB Live when it happened, but enterprising television reporters have sought out young deer attack survivor Brandon Hiles, 7, and had him recreate the moment when the usually-docile woodland creature tackled him during a backyard football game.

There’s Brandon above, showing how the deer wrestled him to the ground and stripped the […]


It’s Time For The Running Of The Bald Guys Bulls

It’s one of the world’s most confounding spectacles, where dangerous beasts, crazed participants and horrified spectators combine in a festival of injury and mayhem. But enough about the Michael Jackson Memorial. Today was also the first day of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, which is part of the Festival of San Fermin. […]


Ropin’ Up Some Fun At The Auburn Student Rodeo

Quite a tumultuous offseason for Auburn Tigers football. After a dismal 5-7 year (including a loss to Vanderbilt for the first time since 1955), Tommy Tuberville was let go, and Iowa State’s Gene Chizik was brought in - a move not too many people were pleased with.

So with spring football in the air, and an […]


You Can Have A Ball At The Angola Prison Rodeo

Okay, you may want to sit down for this. Not that anybody ever reads the web while standing up or anything, but… you’re going to have to brace yourself all the same. This is a story about something that’s kinda cool, then it’s going to get a little too real in here. I’m talking about […]