Tiger’s Caddy: ‘No Knowledge’ Of Woods’ Affairs?

The Auckland-based NEW ZEALAND HERALD reports a statement made today by the caddy of Tiger Woods, Steve Williams.

“I do not have any personal knowledge of anything in the reports related to the Tiger Woods’ stories. Kirsty and I give our heartfelt wishes to Tiger, Elin, Sam and Charlie and hope this gets put to rest […]


Video Of LeBron Full Court Football Shot: Fake?

Viral video of LeBron James making a full court football shot:

I want to believe that’s real, but because of the relentless marketing undertaken by James’ reps, I think the make is as fake as Al Michaels‘ new-found mound.

LeBron full-court football make…

Real as Eric Mangini’s morning bear claw obsession

Fake (Brooks gets played by ‘Bron […]


“Baghdad Bill”: Hancock Named BCS Exec Director

Bill Hancock, a former NCAA employee, was today granted what may be the worst job in sports: The first permanent executive director of college football’s Bowl Championship Series.

Previously, Hancock had the title of “BCS “coordinator”, but the NCAA, seeing that it needs someone out front to Baghdad Bob the jeri-rigged system to the media, fans, […]


Catches Of The Day: Riley Cooper, Jerrell Jackson

Earlier today I posted video of Jerrell Jackson’s incredible one-hand snatch against Colorado. Just a few minutes later, Riley Cooper also made an improbably single-handed grab for a touchdown against Georgia.

(Jerell Jackson and Riley Cooper: Spectacular)
There’s no doubt that Jackson made the better catch. The angle that he caught the ball was such that […]


Poll: Girl Dunking Easily Or Five-Man-Jump Dunk?

You may have seen the Keon Bell dunk at the Pepperdine’s Midnight Madness last week - the one where he leaps five of his teammates en route to the slam.

(It’s five in the video kids)
That’s the coolest dunk I can really remember seeing, except perhaps watching Baylor freshman Britney Griner become the first woman […]


Jeff Fisher Wearing Colts Jersey: Problem With It?

The NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN has photos today of Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher wearing a Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning jersey.

(Bad idea or comic relief?)
Fisher wore the jersey as a surprise in introducing Tony Dungy for a speech today in Nashville. Fisher added, “I just wanted to feel like a winner.“
Okay, that’s a little strange. I […]


I Guess Points Shaving Trumps Counterfeiting?

Former LSU tailback and Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame yesterday, some 26 years after he was originally selected for enshrinement. The delay happened because months after voted into the Hall of Fame in 1983, he was arrested and pleaded guilty to federal counterfeiting charges. He eventually […]


Open Contender To Withdraw For Birth Of His Kid?

The big story at the British Open is the stunning resurgence of 59-year-old Tom Watson, a five-time winner of the tournament who took down Jack Nicklaus in one of the great duels in golf history 32 years ago on the same course. Just as compelling, however, is the possible dilemma facing Ross Fisher, who is […]


Speed Read: Lying Memoirs Come To Pro Baseball

The NEW YORK TIMES is known for strong investigative reporting, and up until now, Yale and Harvard Medical Schools both had relatively spotless reputations with the press as well. That may have all changed because of what seems to be a falsified memoir by a minor league baseball player turned doctor.

According to investigative reporters Alan […]


Vote: SbB’s Halloween Sports Freakshow Poll

OK, we’re rolling out the SbB horror show for you today. So let us know who is sports’ biggest freakshow, just in time for Halloween*:

What is this year’s most horrific Halloween sports costume?

Al Davis as The Grim Reaper

Manny Ramirez and Ram Man

Charles Barkley as Norbit’s Rasputia

Rich Rodriguez

View Results

* ATTN Obama action […]