Auburn, Oregon Shoot The Messenger Showdown

Last month an Auburn-centric site,, went all-in on an epic Sports by Brooks parody.

Today, site checked-in with its own full-page SbB goof.

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Poll: Enter Your Preference From Selections Below

What is the title of this recently-produced online video? (above)

“April is Electrical Safety Awareness Month”

“Not Safe For Work”

“Arizona State University’s Corporate Branding Campaign”

“My Other Finger is in a Bowl of Wendy’s Chili”

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A hint:

(Yes, that is a real ticket from this past season. Regrettably.)
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The Decision, Part II: To Retire LeBron’s Number

LeBron James is, statistically, by far the greatest player in Cleveland Cavaliers history - by any measure.

(Cavs Fans Now Have Own ‘Decision’ To Make)
But it goes without saying that Dan Gilbert probably won’t be hoisting his number into the rafters anytime soon, but is that really fair?
Were the Cavs better off never having James? […]


Your Call: Is Bryant Gumbel a “Real Sports” Fan?

As Bryant Gumbel’s HBO show is called Real Sports, I thought it’d be interesting to ask you, the typical sports fan and potential viewer of his HBO show, if you think Gumbel’s views on sports represent something you want to watch on television.

(Full text of commentary at bottom of post - thanks Dan & Paul) […]


Vuvuzelas: Nike Plot To Spoil World Cup By Adidas

Smoking gun right here:


Poll: Dance With Nantz Or Get On The Gus Bus?

I’m starting to sense that the NCAA Tournament-spawned online popularity of Gus Johnson is transitioning from a quasi-mocking tone to a genuine appreciation for his excitable on-air style. A style that’s a complete departure from virtually all national television network play-by-play guys.

(Gusgasms Keep March Madness Fans Gushing)
So why have so many people responded positively […]


Poll: Convinced Tiger Woods Now Changed Man?

Tiger a changed man?



Too early to tell

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Was Shaq’s Shaunie In 2 Live Crew Video At 17?

I was sent a video today by an emailer who claims that Shaq’s estranged wife Shaunie O’Neal (photos) appeared in a 1987 2 Live Crew video called Move Somethin‘:

After spending waaay too much time studying the video, I can’t decide if it’s her or not. So you make the call.

Is the woman in the ‘87 […]


Artest ‘Fall’: Still Think TMZSports Won’t Work?

With Ron Artest’s track record, hard not to think there’s more to the story today about why he will miss the Lakers game at Sacramento.

Artest reportedly received treatment for his injuries at the UCLA Medical Center, the same facility where Michael Jackson died. was first to report Jacko croaking, so if there is indeed […]


If You Ran EA Sports, Would You Pull This Video?

Effective marketing for EA Sports?

If you were EA Sports, would you pull this video?



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