Transcript: Joe Paterno’s Grand Jury Testimony

The date is January 12th, 2011, 11:06 a.m. The questions were asked by Ms. Jonelle Eshbach, Witness, Joseph V. Paterno.
Q: Would you please introduce yourself to the Grand Jury?
Mr. Paterno: My name is Joseph V. Paterno.
Q: I’m sure everyone in the room knows, but just in case there’s anyone that doesn’t, how are you employed?

Mr. […]


Real-Life ‘Jerry Maguire’ Facing Jail Over Debts?

Last week an Orange County (CA) court bench warrant was issued for the arrest of the man who helped to inspire the movie, “Jerry Maguire.”

In public documents available on the Orange County Superior Court’s official website, the Dec. 15, 2011, warrant (pdf) followed a Dec. 13, 2010, Orange County court […]


Vermeil: Sandusky Misportrayed, ‘Cared’ For Kids

Super Bowl-winning coach Dick Vermeil, who in 2001 wrote the foreword to Jerry Sandusky’s “Touched” autobiography and assisted the ex-Penn State football coach with his Second Mile charity over three decades, told Kelley Bydlon of this week that, “Jerry really cared about (The Second Mile children) in a different way than is being portrayed […]


Incestuous Penn State Still Endangering Children

Four days after tales of alleged child rape perpetrated by Jerry Sandusky surfaced in a Grand Jury presentment formalizing dozens of criminal charges against the former Penn State football coach, Sara Ganim and Jan Murphy of the HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS reported of a power struggle within the Penn State Board of Trustees.

(PSU BOT Chair: Son on […]


2003: Laurie Fine Verified Same Tape ESPN Buried

In 2003 ESPN received an audio tape from Bobby Davis, who alleged that it included the recorded voice of Bernie Fine’s wife.

(Laurie Fine verified voice on tape in’03. Where was World Wide Leader?)
In the tape, Laurie Fine acknowledged her husband’s sexual abuse of a child - Davis himself - on multiple occasions while also […]


Why Didn’t ESPN Give Fine Tape To Authorities?

Today ESPN released excerpts of a tape-recorded phone conversation between the wife of Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine and a man who claims Fine repeatedly sexually molested him beginning when he was in the seventh grade.

(Fine acknowledgement of abuse not enough for ESPN to give tape to cops?)
The audio, recorded on Oct. 8, […]


Shock & Aub: Toomer’s Cornered By Police Tower

For the first time in the 76-year history of the Iron Bowl rivalry, Auburn (AL) Police has stationed a “manned mobile surveillance tower” adjacent to the school’s Toomer’s Oaks to, as Auburn Police Captain Tommy Carswell told the WAR EAGLE READER, “keep the peace” this weekend.

Why is Carswell and the Auburn P.D. “beefing up our […]


Small 2011 PSU Event: Sandusky, Curley, Spanier

On November 5, 2011, Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley was charged by the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania with felony perjury, a crime punishable by up to seven years in prison, along with failure to report the alleged sexual abuse of a child. (Child Protective Services Law.)

(March 23, 2011)
Curley’s charges stem from […]


Gov. Funded Sandusky Pet Project, Hid His Abuse

There will never be anything more incomprehensible than a man creating a charity expressly to allow him to rape children, but the wide-ranging enabling of Jerry Sandusky to do just that is almost as impossible to fathom.

(Corbett: Never told charity about Sandusky rapes, then funded pet project)
As Sandusky continues to enjoy free, unsupervised release […]


Pelini: PSU Game ‘Should Not Have Been Played’

In light of the revelations intertwining the Penn State football program and the repeated sexual abuse of children, the response of the school’s administration the past week has been to do only what was required when at the point of the national news media’s bayonet.

Though Saturday’s game between Penn State and Nebraska at Beaver Stadium […]