Phelps Bong Belonged To Millionaire Poker Pro

Who was the entrepreneur that tried to sell the Michael Phelps bong on eBay for $100,000? RADAR ONLINE says that police in South Carolina have discovered the bong bearer to be a 23-year-old professional poker player named Zachery “Carter” King.

King, who goes by the online screen name “ckingusc,” has more than $2 million in career […]


Guy Wins $9M For Sitting In A Chair For 80 Hours

After nearly a four-month wait, the World Series of Poker finally crowned its 2008 main-event champion at about 5:30 am Eastern time this morning. The heads-up duel went for just about four hours, but in true poker-on-TV fashion, will probably be edited down to four minutes when shown later tonight on ESPN.

(I could either put […]


How To Use Gitmo Techniques For Fun And Profit

Joe Navarro’s job used to be figuring out if someone was lying about knowing where Osama bin Laden was hiding. He’s given up that job for one much more important: figuring out if someone’s going all in hoping for a high card.

(I interpret this pose as saying, “Buy My Book.”)
The former FBI body language […]


Poker Musical Demands Flop Puns, Comp Tickets

Phil Hellmuth (poker player and thoughtful calm person) and Tim Molyneux (famous for being Tim Molyneux, best we can gather) have pooled their resources to produce just what the world’s been clamoring for in these troubled times: “All In: The Poker Musical“. It premieres at Harrah’s during the World Series of Poker on the […]


NBAers Lose “$30,000 An Hour” In Poker Games

If you’ve ever played Blackjack in Vegas, you see those guys who trip over to your table, half-drunk. They throw down one bet, for $500, $1000, sometimes more. They might win one bet, but inevitably they lose. Apparently the NBA has plenty of those types on charter flights during road trips.

“I’ve heard guys […]


Blog-On-Blog Action: 36-28-38? Only If She’s 5-3

• ON 205th tells us that the American Gladiators winner used to be a dancer for the Blazers. They also tell us Monica Carlson’s measurements, for good measure.

• THE SONS OF STEVE GARVEY wonder what happened to SI’s photography, post-Rick Reilly. It makes sense when you read it.
• THE FANHOUSE notes that Matt Millen has […]


Pam Anderson Pays Of Huge Poker Debt With Sex With Antonio Esfandiari

SHOCK! ANDERSON PAID OFF $250K POKER DEBT WITH SEX: Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL reports that Pam Anderson said this week that she has a unique way of paying off poker debts: “I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors, and I fell in love.”

Norm: “During an appearance Wednesday on ‘The […]