Sad Tug-Of-War Mishaps, Severed Hands And You

If tug-of-war ever becomes an Olympic event (oh, and it will), I say just give the gold to the Chinese. I wouldn’t take them on after this: A Chinese man lost his hand recently while, during a game of tug-of-war, his hand refused to drop the rope but the rest of his body went ahead […]


Olympic Medalist Fails PED Test, Starts Drug Ring

Maybe all those PSA’s about steroid abuse being harmful are on to something. Not the steroids themselves, but as a gateway drug. How else can we explain the Olympic medalist who went from testing positive to PEDs, to allegedly running one of the largest ecstasy rings in Australia?

Nathan Baggaley, 33, has won three kayaking world […]


Naked Ultimate Frisbee Now A No-No At Oregon

With the announcement of the NCAA recognizing beach, er, sand volleyball as a varsity sport, there might be hopes of other college club sports that could reach the same status. Like ultimate frisbee, for instance.

And the University of Oregon has quite a good team, as the disc-throwing Ducks were on the verge of winning a […]


Kitesurfing Much More Fun with Naked Passengers

Richard Branson - sorry, Sir Richard Branson - knows how to travel in style. You might think we’re referring to the Virgin billionaire’s fashionable airline service, but we’re talking about more sportier ways to get around. Kitesurfing, for instance - it’s the thrill of air & sea travel all rolled into one.

And when soaring in […]


Kent Coupled w/Ail Landry In “Superstars” Redux

Summer is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing - a new series of ABC’s “The Superstars” will soon be upon us! The show that is to athletic endeavor what “Dancing With The Stars” is to … um, dancing, is set to kick off on June 23. (Although I admit I […]


Nude, Cold Hikers Overrun Hamlet In Swiss Alps

Apparently there is such a thing as “nude hiking enthusiasts” - personally, I can’t imagine anything more uncomfortable, unappetizing and wrong, and I’m just talking about hiking with my clothes on. I don’t want to know where you might get poison ivy or ticks if you go hiking nude, and I certainly don’t want to […]


Gay Porn Model Wrestler Ready For NCAA Tourney

A few months ago, we told you about Paul Donahoe, one of two college wrestlers who were kicked off the Nebraska team after it turned out that they had been models for a gay porn site. He eventually transferred to Edinboro College, and it appears that he’s got his wrestling career back on track: as […]


Lucky Iditarod Musher Falls Asleep At The Wheel

In the same sense that naysayers give race cars more credit than their drivers, it might be time to start calling the dogs the real athletes of the Iditarod. Two-time defending champion Lance Mackey managed to FALL ASLEEP during a leg of the race on Friday, and all the while his loyal steeds pulled on […]


Spain’s New Animal Baiting Fad: Horse Wrestling

Spaniards seem to have some sort of death wish involving large animals. We know about them and bulls, whether running wild in the streets or in a stadium. Now UNCOACHED has found another Spanish tradition that involves torturing dangerous animals and (we assume) the potential for grave injury.

It’s called the Rapa das Bestas, and it […]


Axe-Wielding Sisters A Cut Above Other Beauties

Ever sit around in your spare time just trying to put together the perfect woman? It’s a lot easier to imagine her than it is to actually find her isn’t it? I mean, it’s not very often you come across a girl who is not only pretty enough to compete in a beauty pageant, but […]