Recovery Of Gored Bullfighter: “Progressing Well”

EUROPA PRESS has the latest on Julio Aparicio, the bullfighter gored through the neck and mouth Friday (pics, video) at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.

(The unintentionally amusing web translation)
The Press reports that Aparicio is “progressing well” but remains in intensive care after undergoing two surgeries after the incident. Aparacio was initially treated at […]


Wanna Gouge iPhone App Users? Call Coach K.!

Joe Ovies at in Raleigh discovers a non sequitur association between Duke hoops coach Mike Krzyzewski and a generic iPhone application selling for $2.99.

(Dragons! Panda Bears! Bill Guthridge!)
Press release for what Krzyzewski licensed his name to:
The Coach K App utilizes innovative multi-touch controls that immerse the player into an exciting series of races […]


So Now You Can’t Use A Catheter In A Marathon?

What is this, Russia? Who else but a man named Jerry Johncock would be entwined in a controversy over using a catheter to help him pee during the Twin Cities Marathon? Race officials may strip him of his win in the men’s 80-84 age division after a “good samaratian” supplied him with a catheter so […]


Triathlete Auctions Herself Off , Gets Few Takers

The eBay bidding war for a dinner date with U.S. triathlete Jenna Shoemaker sadly turned out to be just a minor skirmish. Not a popular item. With only five bids — the highest at $250 — her quest to earn extra money for training has to be labeled as a fail. Damn economy.

But larger, more […]


Kid Uses Lotto Loot To Start Chick-Wrestling Show

So you’ve just won $17 million in South Carolina’s Powerball Lotto, and you’re deciding what to do with your new-found riches. Well of course the answer is obvious: Move to Tampa Bay and start a TV show featuring scantily-clad women wrestlers.

Jay Vargas was only 19 when he took the lottery’s $17 million lump sum. Now […]


Female Boxer Beats Up British Soldiers For Kissing

If you know me, then you know I like stories with female Canadian boxers who knock out male British soldiers with one punch, and in the ensuing melee someone’s nose gets bitten off. That’s why I’m so glad that I came into work this morning.

Ashley Wolfe (above), the 5-foot-3 wife of a British army sergeant, […]


Shocking Charges Of Bra-Ripping Mar LFL Opener

If you read our post on Tuesday on the Lingerie Football League opener in Chicago, or better yet if you attended, you know that at least one player was tackled by her panties and, at least for a moment, lay pantsless on the playing field. But it turns out that was apparently only the tip […]


Lingerie Football League Opener Is Quite Revealing

At least on the surface of things, Friday’s Lingerie Football League season opener wasn’t a rousing success. They were only able to fill about a quarter of the Sears Centre, according to one eyewitness, for the game between the Miami Caliente and the home Chicago Bliss. This despite the fact that there were several wardrobe […]


In Which We Suspect Miss Universe Shenanigans

Well, predictably, my Miss Universe party last night was completely ruined — chairs overturned, onion dip on the ceiling, and once again Don Nelson was arrested for urinating in the middle of the street. The trouble began when Miss USA, Kristen Dalton (below left), failed to make the Final Five. And when Miss Venezuela won […]


Delaware’s Exercise Enthusiasts Getting Blown

If it wasn’t for the fact that Delaware is, y’know, Delaware, it seems like it’d be a pretty awesome state. The state rakes in money hand over fist by charging out-of-staters outlandish tolls on its highways and by allowing corporations to exploit its lax regulatory system. And now the state is working to legalize sports […]