Carolina Coach Fox: Wesley Hit “Not Deliberate”

Here’s video and a photo montage of Carolina Panther Dante Wesley’s vicious hit on Tampa Bay Buccaneer Clifton Smith today in Tampa:

(Video after the jump)
Smith suffered a concussion and a throat injury and was unable to speak after the Bucs 28-21 loss to the Panthers. Wesley was ejected from the game and will […]


Poll: Did You Think Tebow Wasn’t Going To Play?

The ORLANDO SENTINEL is reporting, via an inside source, that Tim Tebow will be pass his medical tests today and start against LSU.

I was going to write about the ridiculous charade by Urban Meyer perpetrated this week regarding Tim Tebow’s prospects to play against LSU today, but I though I’d take your temperature instead.

Did you […]


Deion: Oklahoma St. Asked Him To Mentor Bryant!

Deion Sanders comes out of hiding today to talk to Thayer Evans of the NEW YORK TIMES about his role in Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant getting suspended by the school.

Sanders, contrary to what ESPN Radio host (and former Oklahoma State basketball player) Doug Gottlieb said today on-air, claimed to Evans that Okie State coaches asked […]


White: UFC “[Doesn’t] Need Blue-Chip Sponsors”

Main Entry: dis·pa·rate
Pronunciation: \ˈdis-p(ə-)rət, di-ˈsper-ət, -ˈspa-rət\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English desparat, from Latin disparatus, past participle of disparare to separate, from dis- + parare to prepare
1 : containing or made up of fundamentally different and often incongruous elements
2 : markedly distinct in quality or character

(Some of UFC’s many sponsors on display.)
An enterprising young cameraman representing ULTMMA.COM […]


Chip Caray Has One Job In Life, And He Blows It

Great game between the Twins and Tigers today to settle the AL Central. Wish I could say the same though for TBS play-by-play announcer Chip Caray.

(12 innings? Wait, Twins & Tigers could’ve gone home in the 10th - per Chip)
Scene-check: Tie game, bottom of the 10th, one out, Twins have winning run in Alexi […]


HIPSTER RED ALERT: Chicago 2016 Shirts On Sale

If you’ve got a healthy sense of irony and a sh*theel streak a mile long, we’ve got sensational news for you. As you’ve likely heard, Chicago was axed from Olympic consideration this afternoon as the IOC tabbed Rio for the 2016 games. Thongs and drugs ahoy! What does that mean for you, hipster? Only a […]


UNM Reopens Probe Of Coach Punching Assistant

After KKOB-AM in Albuquerque, SbB was the first to bring you the saga of New Mexico football coach Mike Locksley, who has now admitted to being the aggressor in an altercation with now-exiled assistant coach J.B. Gerald. An altercation in which Gerald claims Locksley punched him. (Police later confirmed a cut on Gerald’s lip.)

(If he […]


Colorado Vs. Internet Tough Guys? Um, Not Quite

At first glance, we had no choice but to stand up and applaud for the Colorado athletic department; their public stance that they would not give press credentials to media organizations that allow anonymous and pseudonymous comments appeared to be a bold but principled stand against one of the most noxious aspects of new media: […]


Lobos: Welcome To Punch-A-Coach-For-Free Day!

New Mexico Athletic Director Paul Krebs met with the assembled Albuquerque media today to discuss an altercation between New Mexico assistant football coach J.B. Gerald and Lobos Head Coach Mike Locksley.

(Univ. New Mexico: Where you can punch an employee and it’s no biggie!)
Gerald recently filed a police report claiming that Locksley punched him during […]


Fake Brain Damage Concern Gives Me a Headache

A couple interesting pieces (GQ, NBC) recently came out updating the profound brain damage that has perpetually plagued football players.

(Peeing the carpet? So be it.)
But while the science continues to advance, the conclusion remains the same: football messes up your head, and the people running the NFL and NCAA will never seriously acknowledge that.
There’s […]