Crack Is Wack: UGA Bulldogs Bowl Jacket Edition

Couldn’t resist posting this photo making the rounds this morning.

(’89 Liberty Bowl? James Jackson? Anyone?)
Can you guess the celebrity?


Bellotti Always Was Players Coach Athletic Director

John Hunt and Jeff Smith of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN have an informative follow to the news of Oregon football player LaMichael James‘ incarceration:

(”We do a very good job educating those young men on the right things to do“)
James has been charged with fourth-degree assault, which is a misdemeanor that carries a potential one-year prison term, […]


Another McNair Mistress: ‘He told me he loved me’

Nashville Police yesterday released audio tapes from a July 6 interview from another Steve McNair mistress, a woman named Leah Ignagni.

(Ignagni booking photo (left) after felony drug bust on Aug. 24)
The interview took place a little more than a month before Ignagni was arrested for two felony drug offenses.

(McNair’s second mistress also arrested on […]


Oregon’s Chip Kelly Gets ‘A’ In Revisionist History

Last week University of Oregon football players Garrett Embry and Jeremiah Masoli were accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of stuff from a frat house on the University of Oregon campus. The theft allegedly took place on Jan 24.

(Theft suspect Embry was expendable for Oregon Coach Chip Kelly)
Yesterday Oregon football coach Chip Kelly […]


Nantz: “Jonas Bros. Biggest Thing Since Beatles”

Hard to do a post that involves Don Imus that doesn’t goof on the rapidly fossilizing radio personality, but Jim Nantz provides cover for the I-Man* on this one.

(Dude. Dude? Dude!)
Nantz appeared on Imus’ radio show last Friday and the discussion, regrettably, uturned to popular music.
“They’re great, I saw them for times in concert […]


Farce: Kiffin ‘Recruiting’ Chow To Take Own Job?

UPDATE (7:43pm ET): Norm Chow tells Fox Sports Radio Thursday that he never talked to any USC representative about a job with the school. He added that Lane Kiffin left him one voicemail.
During the interview on the Petros & Money Show, Chow said he never seriously entertained leaving UCLA for USC because he never received […]


Opposite Day: Media Still Pretending Josefin Is Elin

Another photo of Josefin Lönnborg, the twin sister of Elin Nordegren, surfaced Sunday night - and was identified as Nordegren on a ski vacation in Europe.

(Josefin relieved to know she’s not married to Tiger Woods)
As I noted Sunday, Nordegren never traveled to Europe for a ski vacation, despite numerous main media reports to the […]


Opposite Day! Stanford Thinks Harbaugh Will Stay

Jon Wilner of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS had the obligatory news just hours after Stanford’s monster win @ USC Saturday that the Cardinal’s athletic admin was doing all it could to slap together a contract extension for coach Jim Harbaugh.

(Had ya fooled?)
The past 24 hours I’ve heard several media members say they thought […]


Hundley Did Indeed Sex Phillips In “Parking Lots”

TMZ keeps us current on our Opposite Day! post category, reporting that Brooke Hundley requested a restraining order against Steve Phillips 24 hours after she spooked Phillips’ wife Marni by dropping off a letter at the Phillips home that entailed her undying love for the ESPN analyst.

In the request, Hundley claims that while on an […]


NBA: Gambling Is Bad. Gamble In Ohio!

One of the reasons why there’s no NBA team in Las Vegas is that David Stern and the rest of the league are utterly terrified of the effect that the gambling mecca would have on its players. There’s the inevitable point-shaving, and who knows how many glassy-eyed, hung over players who had been up gambling […]