How Craig James Faked His Son’s Football Career

On October 14, 2004, David Hinojosa of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS reported a story that was headlined, “Adam James is ready to be known as his own type of player.”

The story’s accompanying photo featured Adam James and his dad, ESPN announcer Craig James. In the shot, father James can be seen just over his […]


Bama Star: Another Outing With Ousted Booster

Three weeks ago this now-deleted Facebook photo of Trent Richardson having dinner with officially disassociated Alabama booster and Tuscaloosa suit store owner Tom Al-Betar at a Japanese steakhouse in Tuscaloosa surfaced on the site

(Evidence of  disgraced booster’s relationship to Bama stars piling up)
Now a new photo of Richardson and T-Town Menwear […]


ANOTHER Current Player? Bama Scandal Deepens

By now you know the University of Alabama has told the BIRMINGHAM NEWS and ESPN that it found “no (NCAA-rules related) wrongdoing” involving the relationship between current football players and Tuscaloosa suit store owner and formally disassociated University of Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar.

(Why is Nico Johnson out to dinner with disassociated booster Tom Al-Betar?)
Nick […]


ESPN Irrevocably Damaged Feldman’s Livelihood

In the aftermath of ESPN executives suspending Bruce Feldman for doing nothing wrong, and then lying to the national media and public about the nature of Feldman’s senseless punishment, we now have our first real world example of how the conduct by those ESPN executives has irreparably damaged Feldman’s ability to do his job in […]


Tressel Ouster: Ohio St. Changes Story To NCAA

On June 12, 2011, Ohio State President Gordon Gee described the exact nature of Jim Tressel’s May 30 departure from the school to the COLUMBUS DISPATCH:

Tressel was not told he would be fired if he didn’t quit, Gee said.
“He was not given an ultimatum.”
Gee said Tressel originally was supposed to meet with Smith about the […]


Bush Betrays Heisman Trust, Won’t Return Trophy

On June 7 Dan Patrick Show Executive Producer Paul Pabst reported that nine months after the Heisman Trophy Trust decided to cancel Reggie Bush’s 2005 award, the former USC running back had not yet returned the actual trophy.

During those nine months, Pabst also noted that Heisman Trophy Trust officials had repeatedly contacted Reggie Bush’s agent […]


NCAA: No Extra Benefits, Until We Give You Them

Auburn recently put the finishing touches on a new lounge for football players that appears to be more nightclub than football meeting and film room. Though the school is far from alone in such an endeavor, with the impressive space one more example of the sports facility arms race taking place on major college campuses […]


TCU Coach Berated Dr. For Protecting KO’d Player

Kevin O’Reilly of the American Medical Association had an extremely troubling report out of Ft. Worth this week from TCU football team physician Dr. Samuel Haraldson.

(Dr. on Patterson’s staff? The truth shall get you fired.)
Haraldson reported to the AMA that after TCU football player Ed Wesley was literally knocked unconscious and later suffered memory […]


Hoops Star’s Baby Mama: He Didn’t Break My Jaw

Jeff Goodman of reports that yesterday Baylor basketball star LaceDarius Dunn turned himself into Waco authorities after being charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly punching his girlfriend, Lacharlesia Edwards, in the face and breaking her jaw.

The student BAYLOR LARIAT has details on the altercation from the arrest affidavit, which included emergency surgery for […]


USC’s Leinart ‘Proud’ Of Bush: ‘Don’t Blame Him’

This week Matt Leinart was kind enough to bless us with his thoughts on his former USC football program getting bushwhacked with the worst NCAA football violations since the SMU Mustangs had their program terminated.

“It’s tough but no one can take away what we did on the football field there in those years. So whether […]