Photos: Remember Alicia Sacramone? You Do Now

Two years after announcing her retirement following the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, American gymnast Alicia Sacramone was back on the beam at the World Gymnastics Championships last week in Rotterdam, Holland.

(*rubs eyes*)
Like so many other Olympians who enjoy the perishable attention that an every-fourth-year worldwide audience provides, Sacramone has lost her insta-celeb status.

So much […]


Excrement, Plague, Venue Collapse: Hello Delhi!

Opening Ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, are less than two weeks away, so I thought we’d check in to see how preparations are going courtesy REUTERS, the ASSOCIATED PRESS and the LONDON GUARDIAN.

A portion of false ceiling in the weightlifting venue caved in today.
Yesterday, 27 workers were injured when a footbridge […]


Coach K. Baits Traitorous Ex-Pat Coaching Russia

Tomorrow is the 38th anniversary of the 1972 Olympic basketball gold medal game between the United States and the Soviet Union. In an unconscionable travesty neatly fashioned by game officials to resemble an actual competition, the Soviets were awarded a 51-50 victory that day. (Thanks to their performance, the referees went on to wildly successful […]


Gay Olympian Promoting Airline’s “Cuddle Class”

After competing in the 2010 Olympics in short track speedskating, New Zealand Olympian Blake Skjellerup recently declared to the public that he was gay.

That revelation apparently has been a profitable one for Skjellerup, who is now an official spokesman for Air New Zealand. Skjellerup is the the star of an advertising campaign by the airline […]


2012 Olympic Hottie Countdown: Jessica Ennis

Last Saturday Britain’s Jessica Ennis won the Women’s Heptathlon at the European Track & Field Championships in Barcelona.

(Video below)
Yesterday the LONDON GUARDIAN had this on Ennis, who is currently the top-ranked heptathlete in the world:
Expectations will not diminish between now and the London Olympics. In two years’ time the poster girl of British athletics […]


True Cost Of 2004 Olympics: Greece Riots, Deaths

The fallout from the Greece government’s debt crisis seem incomprehensible. Multiple murders on the streets of Athens, including a pregnant woman in a bank, have resulted from violent rioting over government-ordered cutbacks in pay and pensions to public service employees.

(Pawn Stars are the new gods in Athens)
While the bloated bureaucracy of the Greek government deserves […]


Greece’s Dancing With The Stars Loan Approved

Can’t say that I watch Dancing With The Stars, but if I had the ability to somehow plug into the Greek television version, there’d be no coaxing necessary.

Greek pole vaulter Erika Prezerakou is a currently a celebrity contestant on the show in in her native country, which recently was brought to my attention.

If ever there […]


Lindsey Vonn Embraces New Discharge Of Duties

From an appearance last month by Lindsey Vonn at the New York Red Bulls’ first game in their new stadium in Harrison, N.J.:

Perhaps Lindsey should borrow a full body condom from Elin for her next public appearance:


Giant Inflatables, Police Tape And Lindsey Vonn

On March 10 I posted a Lindsey Vonn workout video thanks to a reader’s handy tip. Today I discovered another Vonn workout video that’s much more fun.

In this one, she still gets a lift from her (very) deep squats while atop an unwieldy object, but she’s also shown straddling a giant inflatable while wrapped in […]


Photo: Usain Bolt And ‘Google’ Girlfriend Together

Last month I posted about a reality show performer who claimed a hookup with Usain Bolt.

Taneish Simpson played “Lava” on the VH1 For The Love of Ray J production and claimed on a recent episode of the show that Bolt “googled” her in order to find out her identity. Bolt then apparently contacted her and […]