How Stuff Works: A SEC Investigation In Progress

Behold the power of household cleaning products and old blankets.

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Video: Jim Tressel’s Wife Slams Door On Reporter

Today WSYX-TV reporter Steve Levine paid a visit to Jim Tressel’s family home in Columbus after the news broke that Tressel had resigned as Ohio State football coach.

From WSYX: “Ellen Tressel, the wife of Jim Tressel, slammed the door in Steve’s face.”
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Video: LSU Basketball Meets Jersey Shore. In Italy


LSU basketball players Garrett Green, Justin Hamilton, Matt Derenbecker, Andrew Del Piero and Eddie Ludwig had a chance encounter with cast members of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore last week in Florence, Italy. (The LSU hoops squad is midway through an 11-day tour of Italy while Jersey Shore is shooting its third season in […]


Pics: Les Miles Is The Thunder From Down Under

Here’s some photos of Les Miles taken a couple summers ago on an LSU booster’s yacht.

Miles is with his family on a $700,000, 60-foot Bertram yacht called “Tiger Bait.”

The impressive vessel, which is up for sale, currently docks just outside Pensacola in Orange Beach, Alabama.


Gray Area In Auburn Auction Of Cam BCS Pants?

Cam Newton’s game-worn football pants from the BCS National Championship Game are being auctioned off on the official Auburn University athletic department website.

(Poor lighting why Cam’s pants don’t look white?)
“This pair of authentic Auburn football pants was worn by Heisman Trophy winner and 2011 NFL #1 Overall Draft Pick Cam Newton in the […]


Video: 1998 Camry Defeats PGA Putting Green

If you’re in the Twin Cities, a responding Police helicopter with infra-red technology, K-9 unit and local, county and state police on the scene can mean only one thing.

A drunk dude drove his ‘98 Camry onto the pristine Hazeltine Golf Club putting green and driving range. (Hazeltine has hosted the PGA Championship in 2002 and […]


Rex Ryan Sets Record for Hang Time on ‘Hannity’

As Rex Ryan is out promoting a new book, he’s been making the media rounds, including a recent booking on the FOX News show Hannity.

(Never Seen a Punt With a 7-Minute Hang Time? Here You Go!)
Since most of what we know about the New York Jets coach is his perspective on football […]


Re: SportsbyBrooks Certification Of Compliance

Haven’t done this all year, so here’s some photos of semi-retired WTA player Iroda Tulyaganova you haven’t seen.

(Click for pics)
Photos could be considered NSFW depending on your occupation.

*Signs SbB Certification of Compliance form*


Pic: T-Shirt Indicates Late Arriving Miami Heat Fan

A photo before Game 1 of the Heat-Boston playoff series:

Oh, and there were some empty seats before Game Two last night:

Nice to see Sammy Sosa scoring courtside.
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Hoke’s ‘Ohio’ Abbreviation Subtle Poke at Rivals?

So far during his young tenure, new Michigan coach Brady Hoke has repeatedly taken to calling UM’s Columbus-based arch rival “Ohio” instead of the more customary “Ohio State.”

Having covered Ohio State football as a local, credentialed media member myself for several years, I can assure you that Hoke’s insistence on abbreviating The Ohio State University […]