Video: Michigan Offense Uses Handgun Formation

You’ve heard of the “Run and Shoot” offense?

(Credit: BTN’s Saturday Night Special)
Last Saturday against Northwestern, Michigan running back Vincent Smith showed us the “Shoot and Run.”
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Video: Arkanfan Showing TexAgs How To Expand

1) Chi-Chi’s quesadilla bar 3 times per week. [Minimum]
2) Avoid dumbell flys at all cost.
3) Watch for low-flying helicopters.

4) Rinse.
5) Repeat.


A Peace Offering To Big Al’s GMC Yukon® Armada

With its trip to Florida Saturday, the 2011 Alabama vacation season is officially underway.

Fitting then that Saturday is one of the two days - every 365 - this Georgia Dawg is behind The Tide. #rtr
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Buckner .. Bartman .. Josh Beckett’s Pregnant Wife

Mystified by the Red Sox’s lost season, yesterday I turned to where every sports fan goes to glean inside information about the world of sports they can’t get anywhere else: sports talk radio.

And with what I learned from Lou Merloni on ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Show, all I can say is Josh Beckett’s pregnant wife […]


Video: Clean Burfict Now Calls For Personal Towel

Vontaze Burfict committed two personal fouls during the ASU-USC game last Saturday. One was for illegal hands to the face during the second quarter of Sparky’s 43-22 win over the Trojans.

The other? Watch for yourself.
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Video: Trent Richardson Playing Pickup Football

What’s it like to play pickup football with Trent Richardson?

Now you know.
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Photos: USC Football Team Wears UCLA Jerseys

During the USC football team’s practice on Thursday, the Trojan scout team wore jerseys designed to resemble arch rival UCLA.

(Photos Credit: USC)
The powder blues were used during a scrimmage in which the scout team impersonated the offense and defense of USC’s opponent this Saturday.

That opponent? Minnesota.
Though USC doesn’t play UCLA until November 26, USC […]


ESPN Video: When Stock Skyline Footage Attacks

Nobody does college football telecasts like ESPN, but when you broadcast as many games as ESPN, mistakes happen. Like last night.

During the ESPN telecast of the Wisconsin-UNLV college football game in Madison, Wisconsin, ESPN showed a shot of a downtown skyline as announcer Rece Davis pitched the broadcast to break.
The shot was supposed to be […]


Compliance Helping Educate Alabama’s Team?

In an April 27, 2011, interview with Aaron Wilson of, Julio Jones talked about his football future after leaving the Alabama football program.

Wilson’s last question to Jones: “What’s your goal off the field?”

“I want to be financially stable, first of all. I don’t want to be one of those guys that’s broke after they […]


Alabama Football Annual Fan Day: 100 Yard Gasp

Or as they call it in Lee County:

The Running of the Gumps®.
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