Daughter Accuses NHL Asst. Coach Of Sex Crime

KABC in Los Angeles reports Friday that Los Angeles Kings assistant coach Mark Hardy, “has been arrested in Washington, D.C., for misdemeanor sexual abuse.”

Eyewitness News has confirmed Hardy was taken into custody overnight at the Mayflower Hotel. Police said the complaint came from a woman in her 20s who claimed to be a relative of […]


Marriage Fowl: Pittsburgh Penguins Wedding Band

Paul Lukas at Uni Watch Blog has this photo posted from the Twitter.com account of a Canadian gentleman named Kenton Larsen:

The couple assumedly is from Winnipeg, where Larsen lives, which can only mean one thing: Teppo Numminen as Best Man.


Fight Video: Ducks Fan Gets Slamaheimed In Van

At the Vancouver-Anaheim NHL game last night in B.C., this is what they call Row JJustice:

Thinking Gino Odjick could use a seat upgrade.


Mike Comrie And Hilary Duff Engaged. In Something.

The folks at the BauerGriffenOnline.com have a remarkable series of photos that apparently show NHL player Mike Comrie proposing to Hilary Duff last week in Hawaii:

The explanation for the above series of pics is Duff is reacting to the engagement ring.
Apparently Comrie was considerably more excited than his face would indicate.


ESPN Incurs Poultry Fecal Matter Advocate Wrath

The one decade day I don’t watch ESPN2’s First Take, and something unbelievably offensive goes out live over the air! Thank goodness YouBeenBlinded.com never misses a minute, capturing a shameful remark from Barry Melrose this morning that sent shockwaves through Poultry Fecal Matter Advocacy groups worldwide .

The controversy started when show host Jay Crawford asked […]


Wait, They Still Think Olympics Is About Sports?!

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports Puck Daddy blog reports:

(Slap ice skates on ‘em and it might be different)
The U.S. vs. Canada men’s preliminary-round showdown Feb. 21 won’t be shown on NBC, but on cable’s MSNBC at 7 p.m. EST. Instead, the Peacock will bring fans an exhilarating night of ice dancing, women’s speedskating, men’s freestyle […]


Woman’s Plea For NHL Fan Down To Misdemeanor

Special surprise for you, but only if you meet the following qualifications:
1) Internet down after ISP found your porn torrent with Pete Townshend?
2) Intercepted grandma’s $500 social security check?
3) Haven’t had a date since comedian Richard Lewis was relevant?
4) One of the 47 Phoenix Coyotes fans who are current with the I.R.S.?
5) Less than three […]


Ovechkin Anon Naked Chick Warrants Hockey Post

Dan Steinberg at DC SPORTS BOG (bookmark it) has this delightfully ridiculous photo of Caps star Alex Ovechkin and some random nude female:

There’s no identification of the woman in the magazine and Steinberg was unaware of her identity. Amazing how a woman that beautiful and ‘outgoing’ can also remain anonymous. Hear that, Tiger? Shaq?


Top Link Of The Day: NHL Suspensions Flowchart

Confused about the seemingly capricious nature of suspensions in the NHL? Thinking justice is subject to the whims and vagaries of Gary Bettman’s drug-addled* conscience? The Maple Leafs-centric DOWN GOES BROWN disagrees, and has put together a foolproof flowchart that explains all the NHL’s disciplinary decisions. It’s funny but frighteningly accurate, one of those “hahaha–hey […]


Please Start Giving Black Sports Fans More Credit

Photos of Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane and Adam Burish on Halloween surfaced on the web this week. Kane portraying Scottie Pippen and Burish as Dennis Rodman:

(Burish on left)
Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports blogs today about the response from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, which he writes, “has decided to turn this manufactured controversy into a cottage […]