How Donut Mogul, NHLer Tim Horton Really Died

Stellar work by Glen McGregor of the blog afewtastefulsnaps as he recently made public, for the first time, the official report from various Ontario agencies of the mysterious death of former NHL player and donut shop mogul Tim Horton in 1974.

For those of you out there who are unaware, Tim Horton was Hall of Fame […]


Crosby ‘Way More Talented Than Gretzky’? Uh, NO

Wayne Gretzky, the undisputed most dominant team sports athlete of all-time, turned 50 earlier this week.

(Not Great. Greatest.)
While guesting on the Dan Patrick Show today, another NHL great, Jeremy Roenick, was asked to compare Gretzky to Sidney Crosby.
Instead of the usual, reverential platitudes about both, Roenick gave an unvarnished (and much appreciated) opinion […]


St. Louis Fan is Apparently Feeling a Little Blue

Ah, the wonderment of automation:

(We know, it’s nobody’s fault, which is why it happened.)
What happens when you cut staff to the bone.


Female Reporter a Model Employee, Still Fired

Phil Rosenthal of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reported Friday that Comcast SportsNet Chicago has fired on-air contributor and producer Jen Patterson.

While not directly intimating that fraternizing with a member of the Chicago Blackhawks was the reason for Patterson’s ouster, it wasn’t a coincidence that Rosenthal noted this in his piece about her:
Pegged in January as “a […]


Super Bowl Halftime Guru Is Out At NFL Network

The man in charge of the Super Bowl halftime show has departed his duties with the NFL and NFL Network to lead the NHL’s broadcast department.

Two independent sources told me today that former NFL Vice President of Programming Charles Coplin has voluntarily left the league and that his new position with the National Hockey League […]


Filthiest Arena: ‘06 Fan Food Ban Was For ‘Safety’

Paula Lavigne and Lindsay Rovegno of compiled a handy list of local health department food service violations at all MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL venues in the United States and Canada in 2009.

Federal law requires me to remind you to immediately stop reading this post if has been less than sixty (60) minutes since […]


Video, Photos: Michael Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine

Last night we caught a glimpse of Michael Jordan’s 17-year-old daughter Jasmine at the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Finals game.

Couldn’t much tell her resemblance to her father in the Versus video and various snapshots from fans, but here’s some personal photos of her that are a dead giveaway.

Jasmine doesn’t play basketball.

Instead, she’s a member of the […]


NHLer Dad Shot Up TV Station To See Son’s Game

I somehow hadn’t heard the senseless, tragic story of NHL player Brian Spencer and his father Roy until author Brian Cronin recounted their almost cartoonishly sad lives today in a relatively brief blog entry at (The word “unbelievable” is probably the most overused word in our culture, but in this particular instance, it most […]


Black Sunday Coming For Boston Sports Fans?

In 2004, Boston sports fans enjoyed the greatest playoff comeback in sports history, as the Red Sox overcame a 3-0 ALCS deficit to defeat the Yankees en route to their first World Series Championship since 1918.

It was hard not to root for the Sox back then. But since 2004, knowing Boston sports fans as I […]


Hardy Faces Felony; ‘Got In Bed’ With Daughter?

More details are emerging from today’s arrest of L.A. Kings assistant coach Mark Hardy. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports the misdemeanor sexual assault charge reportedly levied by Hardy’s 21-year-old daughter has been upgraded to a felony.

He was taken into custody overnight at the Mayflower Hotel. Police said the complaint came from a woman in her 20s […]