Sterling Solicited Prostitute’s Personnel Opinions

In support of its landmark discrimination case against current NBA team owner Donald Sterling, the U.S. Dept. of Justice (DOJ) submitted to federal court on July 9, 2009, a sworn statement by Alexandra Castro from a previously unrelated court case.

(Sterling ‘consulted’ same woman he called a ‘prostitute’ on team personnel) 
Castro, who was a past acquaintance of […]


Maryland Star: ESPNer ‘Big Factor’ In Going Pro

Steve Yanda of the WASHINGTON POST reports today that ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt, a Maryland alumnus, was cited as a “big factor” by former Maryland basketball player Jordan Williams in his decision to leave the school and enter the 2011 NBA draft.

“(Van Pelt) was a big factor in helping me make my decision (to […]


Latest Hate Fee ‘Teachable Moment’ .. About Stern

Last month Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 by the NBA after he was caught by a TNT camera using a gay slur during a game.

Of charging Bryant 100 large, NBA commissioner David Stern told Mike Greenberg of ESPN radio, “I’m very happy with where we sit.”
Last night the NBA playoffs turned out to be, once […]


PTI’s Underlying Sign Of Online Video Revolution

You may have noticed I’ve been posting a lot more video pieces in the past six months or so. Friday’s PTI highlighted why.

Wednesday afternoon the Paris-based sports outlet L’EQUIPE posted a video account of Tony Parker characterizing the Spurs’ future pursuit of an NBA Title as futile. (With the club’s roster as presently constituted.) The […]


Kareem: Statue Steam or Netflix Stream Scheme?

On Monday night, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Twitter account sent out an innocuous Tweet announcing a new deal for his recent hoops documentary to be streamed on Netflix. Three minutes before Jabbar’s Tweet, a virtually identical Tweet was sent out by Abdul-Jabbar’s manager Deborah Morales, who also directed the movie.

(Lakers: We Would’ve Bumped The Logo For […]


Tony Parker Video: “This Was Our Last Chance”

Tony Parker spoke to reporters in Paris yesterday about a variety of subjects, including his assessment of the future prospects of the Spurs.

Of those NBA title hopes, Parker said:
“It was sort of our last chance this season.  .. We are aging. We must be realistic.
“We can’t count on trades to happen. We’re going to […]


Video: ‘Exhibit A’ On Why Phil Jackson Leaving LA

In the past few weeks, the main media has erroneously reported a supposed rift between Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant that allegedly began when Bryant’s wife Vanessa broke up Gasol’s relationship with girlfriend Silvia Lopez Castro.

That rumor, thanks to comments by Gasol as early as last Saturday, has now been completely debunked. Gasol has since […]


Exclusive: Shaq Agrees To LSU Statue Unveiling

Yesterday I broke the news that a life-size statue of Shaquille O’Neal commissioned by representatives of LSU’s athletic interests - inside and outside the university - had been completed.

In July, 2010, the LSU athletic department made a formal request of the university to erect the now-completed statue outside the LSU basketball practice facility. Today I […]


Video: Pau Gasol Addresses “Made Up” Rumors

Last Friday I addressed the message board-borne rumor that Pau Gasol had recently broken up with his girlfriend, which in turn was contributing to his poor performance for the Lakers in the NBA playoffs.

(What part of “lies” and “made up” does the media not understand?)
A source who works with the Lakers confirmed to me […]


Gasol: Media Smears Who It Does Not Understand

The talk here in Los Angeles about what was wrong with Pau Gasol started the moment he scored a paltry eight points and was a non-factor in the Lakers’ Game 1 home loss to New Orleans in the first round of the NBA playoffs in mid-April.

Even before the second round Dallas series, which has seen […]