Mayfield Finds NASCAR Drug Test Trouble. Again

You probably remember the saga of Jeremy Mayfield, his bizarre positive test for methamphetamines and the ensuing follies. As sublimely entertaining as it would be to put a tweaker behind the wheel of a car pushing 190 mph, it’s probably dangerous, and he was suspended despite repeated denials of drug use.

(He would later make a […]


Mayfield: Meth Accusations are Costing Me Money

This is just getting silly. Last we heard from suspended NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield, he was contesting his positive drug test with a two-pronged attack of sheer genius: on one flank he claimed NASCAR illegally tested his ‘B’ urine sample, and on the other his fraudulent doctor friend claimed that his testing positive for meth […]


Speed Read: If They Say It’s Not About the Money

SPORTSbyBROOKS, in conjunction with Disney on Broadway and Rosie O’Donnell, is proud to present the upcoming smash Internet musical that will leave your toes a-tappin’ and your wallet a-empty: How to Succeed at Sports Business Without Really Trying!

Nathan Lane plays Sam Zell, a real estate magnate who overleverages himself in order to buy a major […]


Mayfield’s Meth Defense Rests On Phony Doctor

Remember, if you will, that NASCAR’s Jeremy Mayfield was busted under the league’s substance abuse policy for a positive drug test that has been confirmed to indicate methamphetamines. In Mayfield’s resultant lawsuit, his case relies heavily upon NASCAR’s drug testing, with an expert witness calling the entire procedure’s integrity into question.

(”Hi, everybody!”)
One tiny problem with […]


Johnny Benson Is Having The Worst Week Ever

Maybe you had a bad week: your boss was breathing down your neck at work, your wife won’t stop nagging you to fix the roof and the transmission went out in your car. But unless you are the protagonist in a country song, I can pretty much promise you that your week went better than […]


ESPN: NASCAR’s Mayfield Tests Positive For Meth

After NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield tested positive on May 9 for a banned substance, there’s been a swirling undercurrent of rumor and whispers, all of which has been significantly spurred along by Mayfield’s repeated insistence that it was due to over-the-counter medication. Hell, he even sued to get back on the track, even while doctors […]


Kyle Busch Wrecks Totally Sweet NASCAR Trophy

We’re suckers for championship trophy mishaps. If it’s not random sordid incidents (literally) staining the Stanley Cup, it’s a trophy presentation sending a mayor to the hospital. And if it’s not the trophy falling apart accidentally, it’s a very violent, very intentional destruction.

Kyle Busch won the Nationwide Series Federated Auto Parts 300 last, and […]


NASCAR Crewman Gives Winnings To Injured Boy

This is a rather unique post: it’s a bit of a tear-jerker, but at the same time, it’s gross. It’s really gross. Like, if you’re about to eat or have eaten recently, just go here for a while. We’ll understand. If you’re ready to press on, then… buckle up.

(Here’s the good news.)
Jeff Kerr, the jack […]


Mayfield Sues to be Allowed to Race Poorly Again

Jeremy Mayfield, victim of pollen and a short attention span for far too long, has demanded his day in court to get back on the track after his May 9 indefinite suspension for what has now been revealed to be an amphetamine.

Mayfield continues to claim Adderall and Claritin-D conspired against him in his bloodstream to […]


NASCAR Waters Down Cabbage Patch Kids Market

NASCAR, bless their profit-driven souls, would put an official NASCAR holograph sticker on their mothers if they thought Mama would sell at a 60% markup in one of those truck trailers set up outside the tracks on race day. Of course, their mothers would fly off the shelves if they had Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s face […]