Apparently It’s Official: Danica To NASCAR In 2010

Despite the wide belief that such a move would do nothing to further her career, Danica Patrick is apparently moving to NASCAR in 2010. According to ESPN, she isn’t giving up on the IRL, however; racing only in Nationwide Series and Trucks next year.

Not sure why this hasn’t happened sooner, actually. I mean, aside from […]


NASCAR Drivers Don’t Have Good Taste In Music

It seems like anytime we write something even remotely negative about NASCAR, our inboxes and comments fill up with passionate (if poorly-spelled) defenses of the racing series and taking issue with any characterization of the sport, its drivers, or its fans as rural rednecks or anything less than totally awesome. We’re told about the sport’s […]


All Aboard The Dale Earnhardt Sr. Roller Coaster!

OK, I’ll tell you right now with no fear of being politically incorrect, don’t think you’re getting me to ride the new Dale Earnhardt Sr. roller coaster. Yes, that’s the Dale Earnhardt Senior roller coaster, which at first seems like a sick joke; something Borat would build if he owned an amusement park. “Come now, […]


Lisa Mayfield Arrested: Assault, Trespassing, Intox

Every time we get the notion that the Jeremy Mayfield Meth Saga is over and done and he’s going to come clean, something inexplicably pops up that lends credence to his story, and we’re forced to reconsider facts of the case that would otherwise be beyond second thought.

(Meet the Mayfields! One of them’s in a […]


NASCAR Driver Mashes Up Coyote At 190 MPH

Mashups are all the rage in music right now, or so I’m told. Artists like Girl Talk have taught us that all you have to do to become an instant musical millionaire is take two disparate styles of music, speed them up/slow them down, and play them at the same time. Bam! Mashup!

(The eternal […]


Witnesses Testifying To Jeremy Mayfield Meth Use

It’s basically impossible to sum up the Jeremy Mayfield meth saga in one paragraph, much less one sentence, but - in true Blogfrican fashion - we’re gonna do it anyway! Near as we can tell, it’s this: “NASCAR: Um, we have tests that say Mayfield is a meth user. Mayfield: Nuh uh! Nuh uh nuh […]


When Is A Sports Crowd of 180,000 Disappointing?

Normally, when you hear that 180,000 fans showed up for a sporting event, the sensible immediate reaction is, “Oh god, the stadium collapsed, we just had a horrific tragedy, I should call my family.” After all, the largest football stadiums hold little more than half that figure, and those are the largest field-based sports stadiums […]


Old People Attempting Hostile NASCAR Takeover

Not to be too much of a sentimentalist here, but the commercialization of sports sucks. We’ve got no problem with the astronomical salaries or ubiquitous advertisements - those are nothing new- but it seems like nothing can be done in sports anymore without first gauging the impact on corporate sponsors and TV networks. Nothing’s done […]


Mayfield Says NASCAR Slipped His Urine A Mickey

The Jeremy Mayfield drug suspension saga is getting so melodramatic and ridiculous that maybe it’s time we add the NASCAR driver/suspected meth head to our poll of sports celebrities we should ignore. After all, perhaps it’s not wise to give this much attention to the rambling conspiracy theories of an allegedly drug-addled mind. But then […]


Surprise! Mayfield Tests Positive For Meth Again

Jeremy Mayfield has turned into a remarkable sideshow these days. Far from the NASCAR driver and businessman roles he has played in years past, Mayfield has been embroiled in a bizarre, downright disturbing controversy over one of the worst, most destructive drugs on the planet: methamphetamines.

(That’s meth hair if we’ve ever seen it! Wait, hairstyles […]