DUI Motorized Chair Brings In Bucks For MN Town

Check out the souped-up motorized recliner below:

So, how much would you pay for such customized comfort? $100? $200? $43,500? And what if I told you that there’s a criminal story behind the self-propelled seat?


NASCAR’s JC France Enters Mugshot Hall Of Fame

Racing your 2007 green Lamborghini while drunk and in possession of cocaine? Perhaps that’s just a typical night for J.C. France, grandson of NASCAR co-founder Bill France and, as we can (almost) see in the screen grab, fledgling pugilist. But this time the cops got involved, and the result was mugshot hilarity.

France was pulled over […]


Logical Next Step After NHL Retirement? NASCAR

He’s hardly one of the most high-profile Canadiens of all time, but Patrice Brisebois has had one hell of a ride in the NHL. A veteran of 18 years - all but two spent in Montreal - “Breezer” played over 1,000 games with les Habs and ranks among the franchise’s career leaders in games and […]


Apparently It’s Official: Danica To NASCAR In 2010

Despite the wide belief that such a move would do nothing to further her career, Danica Patrick is apparently moving to NASCAR in 2010. According to ESPN, she isn’t giving up on the IRL, however; racing only in Nationwide Series and Trucks next year.

Not sure why this hasn’t happened sooner, actually. I mean, aside from […]


F1 Team Accused Of Ordering Driver To Crash

We’ll admit that we haven’t exactly always been kind to NASCAR on this here interblog in the past. Sure, we’ve called it white trash and yes, we’ve mocked its fans. We’ve ridiculed the Stone Age cars and the endless driving in circles. We don’t care for the corporate faux-Americana BS surrounding it or the WWE-style […]


NASCAR Drivers Don’t Have Good Taste In Music

It seems like anytime we write something even remotely negative about NASCAR, our inboxes and comments fill up with passionate (if poorly-spelled) defenses of the racing series and taking issue with any characterization of the sport, its drivers, or its fans as rural rednecks or anything less than totally awesome. We’re told about the sport’s […]


Indy Racing League Embraces 1980s Turbo Fad

Love it or hate it, you’ve gotta admit that NASCAR has been a pretty successful enterprise here in the good ol’ US-of-A these past few years. As recently as 20 years ago it was the nearly-exclusive domain of southern rednecks; the only names in racing I really heard as a kid were names like Unser, […]


All Aboard The Dale Earnhardt Sr. Roller Coaster!

OK, I’ll tell you right now with no fear of being politically incorrect, don’t think you’re getting me to ride the new Dale Earnhardt Sr. roller coaster. Yes, that’s the Dale Earnhardt Senior roller coaster, which at first seems like a sick joke; something Borat would build if he owned an amusement park. “Come now, […]


When Radar Guns Fail, Paintball Guns Will Prevail

Speeding is, depending on who you ask, either the scourge of road safety or the most overenforced law on the books. There’s no middle ground here, because there’s no middle ground anywhere in American discourse anymore. Actually, the two possibilities aren’t mutually exclusive; maybe it’s both. Anyway.

(Hey, speeders! Take your eyes off the road and […]


NASCAR Driver Mashes Up Coyote At 190 MPH

Mashups are all the rage in music right now, or so I’m told. Artists like Girl Talk have taught us that all you have to do to become an instant musical millionaire is take two disparate styles of music, speed them up/slow them down, and play them at the same time. Bam! Mashup!

(The eternal […]