Old Boxing Guy Says MMA Is For Gays & Racists

If the name “Bob Arum” sounds only vaguely familiar, that’s okay. That’s because boxing is only vaguely familiar to many younger sports fans, a demographic that has trended largely toward MMA over the last few years. But Arum’s a fight promoter, one who’s been in the business for decades, and is in charge of the […]


Double Knockout! (Not a Merriman-Tequila Sequel)

Some video to brighten up Florida State football fans today:


Soon All Of Our Movies Will Feature Gina Carano

We ruminated yesterday on Rampage Jackson forsaking his scheduled UFC bout with Rashad Evans to run off and star in a movie adaptation of “The A-Team.” Now another MMA star is heading to big screen, only this time the project is a bit more prestigious (sorry, Mr. T).

Gina Carano, loser of the recentĀ  “Carano vs. […]


Rampage Opts For ‘A-Team’ Movie Over UFC 107?

I want to be a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, I really do. But every time they just about have me won over, something like this pops up to remind me that it may not be totally ready for prime time. How am I supposed to take a sport seriously whose biggest controversy is whether […]


Dana White Ends Video Blogs, Blames Economy

UFC front man Dana White is rarely one to shy away from self promotion, so it was a little surprising to hear earlier this month his announcement (via Twitter, natch) that he would be ending his regular video blogs on YouTube. What could possibly be the reason for such uncharacteristic restraint from White? Gee, it […]


Cyborg Stops Carano In Huge MMA Women’s Fight

During the build up for Gina Carano’s fight against Christiane “Cyborg” Santos last night in San Jose, Carano’s manager claimed that they had turned down “multiple offers” from Playboy to have Carano do a spread for the magazine, saying that “it never even reached to a point where we would talk about money.” Umm, about […]


Gina Carano Loses Towel For Her Latest Weigh-In

Gina Carano is headlining an MMA card for something called “Strikeforce” in San Jose tonight that Steve Cofield of YAHOO SPORTS calls, “the biggest fight in women’s MMA history.”

(Got you thinking about if Gina really did do that sex tape?)

Guys (and girls?), what’s hotter, Gina Carano …

… as a badass

… in a […]


Jose Canseco To Fight Rodney King. No, Honestly

There is a part of us that wants to believe Jose Canseco and take him seriously. He was right about A-Rod using steroids and right about Manny Ramirez using them. If you want to see what blackballing looks like, check out Canseco and the way the sport and its press treat him.

(Just a reminder: a […]


Nitwit Throws Rocks, Picks Fight In ‘UFC Training’

Say that you’re a guy who wants to start a career in UFC, but there’s no one around in your neighborhood to fight. Oh, and also you’re an idiot. Your mission is clear — start throwing rocks at random strangers, and hope you get your ass kicked.

That’s what a genius in Silverdale, Washington, did recently […]


Penn & Silva Dominate UFC 101, Today’s Headlines

Despite the occasional craziness from chief Dana White, WWE-style bluster from Brock Lesnar, or morning TV sexytime from Tito Ortiz, UFC is still the serious big kid on the block when it comes to mixed martial arts. Fedor Emelianenko might be heading to Strikeforce, but in general when the best fighters on Earth get down […]