Drunk Driver After Adenhart Crash: “Run Bitch

Larry Welborn of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports that secret Orange County (CA) Grand Jury testimony that led to Andrew Thomas Gallo being charged with three counts of second-degree murder and several other serious felonies for his role in the April 8, 2009, death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two young adult passengers has […]


Acne Biz King McCourted For $25M Loan In 2009

More news of the recent and rather bizarre operation of the Dodgers continues to bleed out of a Los Angeles courtroom this week as Frank and Jamie McCourt wrangle over a divorce settlement.

(A World Series ring will do that)
Bill Shaikin and E. Scott Reckard of the LOS ANGELES TIMES report today that in a […]


Washington Nationals Officially Fire Rob Dibble

The Washington Nationals announced today that Rob Dibble was no longer part of the club’s announcing team. The Nationals offered no further comment and did not name a permanent replacement.

(Dibble’s (l) Nationals career survived by former partner Bob Carpenter)
Dibble originally departed Nationals broadcasts on August 25 after questioning Nationals Pitcher Stephen Strasburg’s willingness to […]


Jamie McCourt Considered Run For Presidency?

The haggle for ownership of the Dodgers between Frank and Jamie McCourt began today during their divorce proceeding in a Los Angeles courtroom.

(Funny, had her pegged for Secretary of Grate)
At issue is a document signed by the couple in 2004 that Frank claims gave him full ownership control of the Dodgers and Jamie ownership […]


VERIFIED ACCOUNT Of MLB Pitcher’s Single Life

Here’s a delightful photo Oakland A’s pitcher Brett Anderson Tweeted to his followers last Thursday from this Twitter account:

Perhaps not surprisingly, the defecation hit the oscillation with his Oakland A’s employers soon thereafter.


Reinsdorf Audio: ‘Jay Mariotti was and is a pissant’

Chicago White Sox and Bulls Owner Jerry Reinsdorf was frequently the target of Jay Mariotti’s hyperbolic columns in the Chicago SUN-TIMES the past 15 years.

(Audio credit: WGN-AM in Chicago)
In the aftermath of Mariotti being charged with felony domestic assault of his girlriend in L.A. on Saturday, Reinsdorf was asked today by WGN radio host Dave […]


Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt Accused Of ‘Fraud’

TMZ.com reports today the latest divorce sordids between Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt and estranged wife Jamie.

Fired Los Angeles Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt claims Frank McCourt and his lawyer, Lawrence Silverstein, fraudulently altered documents in an effort to strip her of the ownership of the team.
Frank claims in 2004, when they bought the Dodgers, Jamie signed […]


Chavez Advises K-Rod On ‘Difficult’ United States

Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez took time away from his busy schedule imprisoning and murdering political dissidents and uniting South America as a totalitarian-run continent to put in a phone call to Mets closer and Venezuelan Francisco Rodriguez.

Apparently the news of Rodriguez being arraigned on charges of assaulting the grandfather of his children struck a chord […]


Thankfully, Vin Scully Is Not Divorced From Reality

Eric Stephen of TrueBlueLA.com Twits this priceless quip from Vin Scully about a team that has all but quit:

Vin Scully, on #Dodgers: “Admittedly you have to hold the mirror to the mouth to see the breath, but they’re still mathematically alive.”
Sadly, Los Angeles is one of the last holdouts from baseball’s Brave New World of […]


Highest Paid Batboy In MLB History Makes Debut

Last Sunday starting Cincinnati Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who is currently on the 15-day disabled list with strained oblique muscle, made history.

(More from Reds batboy Luke Stowe on Cabrera’s performance)
Cabrera, who is making $2.3 million this year, became the highest paid batboy in baseball history by assisting the club’s regular batboy, 16-year-old Luke Stowe.
From […]