Thy Heathen Wilbon: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

Today ESPN announced Jon Miller and Joe Morgan were being let go from their duties as Sunday Night Baseball announcers on the network after 20 years of service.

No one was hit harder by the news than ESPN PTI co-host Michael Wilbon. Wilbon in the WASHINGTON POST on Morgan: “Let me just say that Joe Morgan […]


Audio: Los Angeles Mayor Cheering For SF Giants

While he was out campaigning for California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and Senatorial candidate Barbara Boxer in Los Angeles on Monday, second term L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa somehow thought it a good idea to encourage locals to support the San Francisco Giants in the World Series against the Texas Rangers.

(Mayor rooting for Giants also noted […]


Texas CEO: ‘Violent’ Yanks Fans ‘Embarrassment’

Last week I reported Kristen Lee, the wife of Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee, had endured insults, beer throwing and spitting in her direction from Yankee Stadium fans during the ALCS between the Rangers and New York Yankees.

On Dallas radio station KESN-FM today, Texas Rangers Owner CEO Chuck Greenberg added to the concern and […]


Perry Leads Journey Anthems At Giants Games

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin‘ has become an in-game anthem for plenty of pro sports teams, including the San Francisco Giants. During Game 5 of the NLCS at AT&T Park, Journey frontman Steve Perry was seen in the stands leading the crowd in a rousing rendition of the tune.

But last night during Game 2 of the […]


Video: Belligerent Giants Fans Harass Reporters

We all enjoy a local TV news blooper or three on occasion, but there was nothing funny about a live shot featuring two FOX 35 reporters outside AT&T Park last night.

(McCovey Cove: Security? Police? Hello?)
Belligerent (see drunk, high) San Francisco Giants fans harassed reporters Dave Alley and Shannon Hogan as they tried to do […]


We Call That Prescription Medication In California

Wednesday during a live shot outside AT&T park in San Francisco, Dallas KXAS-TV reporter Newy Scruggs narc’d on some Giants fans taking a toke or six whilst tailgating.

(Now let’s get a locals perspective from Rick Chandler)
Scruggs set the scene thusly (video below):
People are nice here, we’re not in New York. No one’s gonna be […]


Frisco Sidewalk Sign: ‘Josh Hamilton Drinks Free’

Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo Sports spots this sign outside a San Francisco bar before Game 1 of the World Series between San Francisco and the Texas Rangers.

(Next up: ‘Josh Hamilton is a quitter’?)
If you somehow don’t know by now, Josh Hamilton of the Rangers is a long-documented alcohol and substance abuser.
Having lived in Los […]


Phils Fans Tried To Spike Giants Food With Ex-Lax

Yesterday I reported the news that Yankee fans had recently grossed out the wife of Cliff Lee, to which Phillies fans reacted with universal glee. But did Philly really think it’d escape the week scot-free?

(Suspect, perhaps?)
PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS gossip Dan Gross recently had this chestnut about similarly sick behavior from *gasp* Phillies fans:
A table […]


Photo: Yankee Fans Spit On Ranger Wives Section

As part of a piece today attempting to detect Cliff Lee’s intentions as a 2011 free agent, Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY conducted a recent interview with Kristen Lee, the wife of the Rangers pitcher.

(Photo Credit: Misty May-Treanor, wife of Texas Ranger Matt Treanor)
As part of the interview, Mrs. Lee accused New York fans […]


ESPN Baseball Wizards Face Early Experation Date

From lovably smug Giants fan Rick Chandler:

Guess it could’ve been worse, they could’ve all picked the Phils to win the World Series.
Wait for it .. WAT.