IL Minor League Fans Eat Up ‘Copter Candy Drop

Over the years, minor league teams have tried just about everything to get butts into their ballparks. Fake Tim Tebows, nun massages, Mike Vick doggy toys, you name it - a minor league team will give away anything in order to gain some publicity and sell some tickets. It’s not all Mike Veeck’s fault, but […]


Miracle Holds Its Tebow Promotion; SUKIT, Florida

As we learned in last week’s episode, the University of Florida gathered its finest barristers and fired off a cease-and-desist order to the Ft. Myers Miracle, threatening the Minor League baseball team with financial destruction if they went through with their “What Would Tebow Do?” promotion.

But you take a team owned in part by Bill […]


So, “What Would Tim Tebow Do”? SUE YOUR A$$

FLORIDA TODAY reports that the minor league baseball Ft. Myers Miracle got a legal beatdown last night from the Univ. of Florida for a proposed promotion using Tim Tebow’s name:

(Maybe he was upset @ the blowup dolls for staged, awkward internet photos) 
The university e-mailed the Miracle a “cease and desist” letter, received at 10:30 […]


What To Do With Carrier Deck: Why Not Hockey?

With the last two New Year’s Days featuring the ultra-cool (and ultra-cold) Winter Classics, it’s fair to say that outdoor hockey has been enjoying a mini-resurgence. The old “frozen pond” romanticism is something the NHL had probably gone too far away from over recent years, and this effort to get back to the roots of […]


Canadian Minor League Baseball Managers Brawl

Having never spent much time in either North Dakota or Canada, we’ve always been fairly content to just rely on stereotypes to tell us everything we need to know about them. In fact, North Dakota is, as far as we’re concerned, part of Canada anyway, so one stereotype should suffice.

In other words, everyone in those […]


Pillow Fighting Chicks And Cheap Beer? I’m There

You may not have been planning to see a Quad Cities River Bandits game this week (or, ever), but now that you know that the Ladies of the Professional Pillow Fight League will be appearing, and it’s Thirsty Thursday, how can you resist? Professional pillow fighting has made few inroads with the typical sports fan […]


Indians Affiliate Holds Their Own Cheap Beer Night

The list of Cleveland sports failures is a long and tragic one. Michael Jordan’s shot on Ehlo, the Indians’ 30-year basement stay, the pillaging of the Browns, the list goes on and on, and we’re on a deadline here, folks. Perhaps the most famous example of sporting Mistakes by the Lake came at 1974’s infamous […]


Fergie Jenkins Put The “Fun” In “Funeral Homes”

It doesn’t get talked about much - perhaps just because it’s well known - but there is a simply chasmic difference between the fortunes of a major and minor leaguer in baseball. It’s a difference that, as you might imagine, was only compounded before the Jim Crow laws were repealed in the 1960s.

(”I see baseball […]


Mets’ Player VP Will Take On All You Candyasses

As VP of player development, it’s Tony Bernazard’s job to make sure the Mets organization gets the most out of its minor league prospects. So to make sure the troops are properly motivated, occasionally butts have to be kicked; and as we all know, there is no more effective way to make your point than […]


Minor League Beanball Trial Goes To Court (Video)

Julio Castillo is certainly a dangerous man. Whether intentionally and feloniously so is, it seems, a matter for the courts.

(Aw, they’re just horsin’ around. Let ‘em play, ump! Hey, why’s that fan bleeding from the ear?)
Castillo is facing trial in Dayton, Ohio, for his role in a bench-clearing brawl between his former team, the Peoria […]