Lacrosse Season Means One Thing: Stick Checks

It’s once again that time of year for Lacrosse referees over 40 - time to get the stick checked:

(Griptonite? *shudder*)
Photo is from a DC-area high school lacrosse game this week from Lacrosse Playground.


Freaky Lacrosse Fight Adds Joy To Your Tuesday

This is probably the most amazing sports fight video I’ve ever seen; not because of the ferocity or even the number of people involved, but just because it’s so freaking weird. First of all it’s lacrosse, where you never expect a fight to break out; I always assumed that lacrosse sticks doubled as butterfly nets.

But […]


Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse: True Champions

So look, I’m sorry for the bait-and-switch. But the real reason I wanted to post this has less to do with the national champion Northwestern women’s lacrosse team and their raucous partying below (although that’s pretty awesome) than it has to do with the story of Jaclyn Murphy, a high school lacrosse player from New […]


Ex-Lacrosse Player Held For Grisly Maine Murder

Any news story involving a murder is sad, but this is just horrific and grotesque: The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Chad Gurney, a former lacrosse player at Liberty University, has been arrested and charged with murdering 18-year-old Zoe Sarnacki. According to her sister Kristin Kosnow, Gurney choked Sarnacki to death, cut off her head with […]


“Pretend Rape” Allegations For Lacrosse Players

What in the name of Duke lacrosse is going on in Jupiter, Fla.? Two high school lacrosse students are in deep trouble after a coach walked in on them “fake raping” another student.

Before we get into what that entails, let’s build you a mental picture. Of the two perpetrators, one can’t be named because of […]


Today’s Mindless, Unintentionally Funny Vid Clip

TIRICO SUAVE has video of a pro lacrosse cheerleader getting tagged:

That’s kinda-sorta amusing. But the lead PBP guy’s initial chuckle, then HARD backpedal is what I really enjoyed.
And no, I don’t know who it is. I’ve got enough obscure announcers who write their own Wikipedia entries already clogging my cranium.
UPDATE! AA tells me the PBP […]


Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Files For Bankruptcy

The over-zealous prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse rape case has already lost his job & career. Now he’s losing financial stability.

The RALEIGH NEWS-OBSERVER reports that Mike Nifong filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday. The filing came on the same day the ex-prosecutor was supposed to respond to a civil suit brought against him by the three […]


Pro Lacrosse League Is Back In Business After Season Cancelation

TORONTO ROCK WILL ROLL; LACROSSE LEAGUE IS BACK ON: We can all breathe a sigh of relief now, as the National Lacrosse League looks ready to get back in business:

CBC SPORTS sticks us the news that a new deal between the NLL and its players was reached on Wednesday, a week after the pro lacrosse […]