Undaunted By SI, Danica Gets Even Bigger Tattoo

Last week we told you Danica Patrick’s two appearances in the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue were marred by some clumsy editing. In the photos, Patrick’s back tattoo was edited out in some of the pictures - but not all.

SI has since confirmed that it removed the tattoo from the photos as matter of some sort […]


SI Reacts To Removing Danica’s US Flag Tattoo

Darren Rovell of CNBC followed up on our post today about SPORTS ILLUSTRATED deciding to airbrush out Danica Patrick’s American Flag tattoo in the most recent SI Swimsuit Issue:

(Hey, it isn’t like the tramp stamp said “Aim Here”)
Sports Illustrated acknowledged that the tattoo, on the small of her back, was taken out, but a spokesman […]


Sports Illustrated Does Not Like Danica’s Tattoo

We all know that magazines airbrush the ever living hell out of photos before publishing them in print. That centerfold you’re looking at in PLAYBOY? Yeah, she’s not perfect. They just made her look that way. Still, you can understand why a magazine would want to remove an unsightly mole or maybe even too many […]


Will Danica Patrick Race Formula One Next Year?

The answer to that, it seems, is a solid maybe. According to the AP, Danica Patrick is on a shortlist of potential drivers for a new, American-based Formula One team that is in creation in Charlotte. And Ken Anderson, the technical director of the new team (called USF1), says that Patrick is definitely under consideration […]


Indy 500 Practice Time Latest Recession Casualty

I’m neither an economist, nor a safety expert. But I can think of at least one reason why it might not be the smartest idea for Indy Racing League to deal with the recession by cutting back on practice time for the Indianapolis 500. No matter how much money it’ll save, it’s probably good […]


Danica Patrick Has The Need, The Need For Speed

Danica Patrick has been racing for a few years now, and has only won one race in 65 career starts.  Yet, for some reason, she’s still a big hit with advertisers.  Seriously, as I was typing that sentence I just heard a commercial on the radio for motor oil with Danica talking about how she […]


Helio Castroneves “Forgot” To Pay $5M In Taxes

The only man to ever win both a reality ballroom dancing competition and the Indianapolis 500 is in a bit of hot water with the folks at the IRS. Indy Car/Tango star Helio Castroneves has neglected to pay more than $5 million of taxes that he’s owed the U.S. Government over the past four years, […]


Danica/Milka: Things Get Frisky at Honda Indy 200

Chicks fighting isn’t really news. You can go on YouTube and search “Chick Fight” and get nearly 5,000 results. Attractive girls fighting also not all that rate, it would take just a short scroll down to the fifth result to find the first of many chick fights on the video sharing site that pairs a […]


Lack Of Funding Drives Franchitti Out of NASCAR

Dario Franchitti won’t be running around NASCAR tracks anytime soon, as the racer’s ownership group is permanently parking his vehicle.

The TENNESSEAN reports that team owner Chip Ganassi has pulled over Franchitti’s #40 car from further stock car competition. The biggest problem has been finding funding for Dario, ever since Coors Light belched out of […]


Danica’s Mammaries Hurt Chances Of F1 Career?

Danica Patrick has been invited to lend her talents - and her racing skills - to the Formula One circuit.

The UK DAILY MAIL drives up news that Honda racing boss Nick Fry has offered Patrick the chance to try out for his F1 team this fall. And with some terrific trial times, she could be […]